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Carbon trading in Kyoto Protocol

[Climate Change] Kyoto Protocol, Carbon Trading, Copenhagen Accord: Meaning, Explained

What is Rio Summit/ Earth Summit ? What is the UNFCCC? What is Conference of the Parties (COP)? What is Kyoto Protocol? What is “common but differentiated responsibilities”? Annex Kyoto protocol: How does it actually work? #1 Emissions Trading / Carbon Trading #2 [...]

IPCC- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Structure

[Science] IPCC- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Meaning and functions

What is IPCC? The Structure of IPCC IPCC reports: how are they prepared? Why important? What is IPCC? IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change H.Q in Geneva The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the leading international body for the assessment of climate [...]

[Environment] Doha COP18/UNFCC: Extension of Kyoto, Green Climate Fund, AAU issue, challenges explained

3 COPS under UNFCC 17th COP, Durban (2011)? 18th COP Doha (2012) Outcomes? Kyoto extended Agreement for 2020 Misc outcomes in DOHACOP11 1.Gender balance, 2.Vulnerable junta 3.LDCs, 4.Web registry 5.PR, 6.Forestry 7.Capture n Store, 8.Tech transfer 9.Fallout Problem/Challenges @DohaCOP18 No Money, No Compensation [...]

[Economic Survey Ch12] Sustainable Development, Climate Change (Part 1 of 3)

Prologue What is sustainable development? India and GHG India and Sustainable development National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) Solar Energy Water Agro Green India (forest) Habitat Knowledge Himalayan Ecosystem Hill Areas Hill areas: challenges and solutions Sustainable Agriculture Development Coastal Zone Management [...]

[Economic Survey Ch12] Sustainable Development, Climate Change (Part 2 of 3): SVA-GRIHA, Bachat Lamp Yojana, SEEP

Industries Eco-industrial parks (EIP) Steel Cement Thermal Power Vs Solar power? Coal gasification Transport Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Programme Rail freight Water-Borne Freight Public transport Green Building Codes Energy Conservation Building Code ADARSH GRIHA Sva-GRIHA Electrical appliances Bachat Lamp Yojana (BLY) Super-Efficient Equipment Program [...]

[Economic Survey Ch12] Sustainable Development, Climate Change (Part 3 of 3): PAT, RPO, REC, Cap-n-trade

Climate financing Taxation Subsidies Funds and Technology Transfers International Funds Desi Funds Market Based PAT RPO REC Cap n Trade vs Carbon Tax Green National Accounts Clean Energy challanges Nuclear Wind Power Solar Power Mock Questions Climate financing In all convention/conferences/protocols related to environment, climate [...]

COP-19-UNFCC Warsaw timeline

[COP-19/UNFCC] Warsaw Climate Change Conference, India’s Stand, Outcomes, Limitation

Prologue Like-Minded Developing Countries (LMDG) Loss and damage REDD+ Money India’s stand @COP-19 Warsaw We want CBDR We’re not irresponsible India’s stand on Agriculture vs climate change India’s stand on Money 4 climate change India’s stand on HFC India’s stand on Technology transfer [...]

Environment from India Yearbook

[Yearbook] India 2014: Environment, Biodiversity, Forest, climate change: how to prepare from IYB and 12th Five year plan, with sample MCQs

Prologue Approaching Environment Biodiversity Ch1: Flora and Fauna Ch12: Environment What to Ignore [High priority]: Organizations: main [High priority]: Policies/Schemes/Projects [High priority]: Theory [Low priority] Miscellaneous organizations [Low priority] International treaties/Conventions 12th FYP plan: Ch4 and Ch7 Vol1.Ch4: Sustainable Development Vol1: Ch 7 [...]

CDS-1-2012 Geography analysis

[Answerkey] CDS-2014: Geography, Environment-Biodiversity (EnB), Agriculture, Climate, Map related MCQs solved with explanation

Geo+ EnB in CDS vs CAPF vs CSAT Geo+EnB: Internal breakup Span of Current affairs Geo/EnB MCQs Difficulty level of Geography / EnB MCQs Booklist/Strategy for next CDS Exam Physical Geography [9 MCQs] P1: Geology / Earthquake / Minerals related P2: Climate related [...]

Enb-jackfruit & Brinjals

[Agriculture] Jackfruit for food security during climate change, Mattu Gulla, Vengeri Brijnals

Jackfruit =Food security in Climate change Mattu gulla & Vengeri brinjals States with Highest # of GI tags Brinjal / Eggplant Factoids: Jackfruit =Food security in Climate change Why in news? Earlier IPCC and World bank warned that climate change will create food shortage [...]


[Economy Lecture] GS2: UNFCCC Lima Summit, Paris Summit Post-2020 Kyoto framework for Climate Change & India’s Stand

Prologue L8/P4: IPCC-5th Assessment Report, UNFCCC, Rio Earth Summit L8/P5: Kyoto to Lima to Paris Post-2020 Climate framework L8/P6: Climate Finance mechanisms: National and International level Prologue On 5th May 2015, my session on environment part-1: National Environment issues-green law panel recommendations. As such [...]