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[Economic Survey Ch12] Sustainable Development, Climate Change (Part 1 of 3)

Prologue What is sustainable development? India and GHG India and Sustainable development National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) Solar Energy Water Agro Green India (forest) Habitat Knowledge Himalayan Ecosystem Hill Areas Hill areas: challenges and solutions Sustainable Agriculture Development Coastal Zone Management [...]

[Economic Survey Ch12] Sustainable Development, Climate Change (Part 2 of 3): SVA-GRIHA, Bachat Lamp Yojana, SEEP

Industries Eco-industrial parks (EIP) Steel Cement Thermal Power Vs Solar power? Coal gasification Transport Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Programme Rail freight Water-Borne Freight Public transport Green Building Codes Energy Conservation Building Code ADARSH GRIHA Sva-GRIHA Electrical appliances Bachat Lamp Yojana (BLY) Super-Efficient Equipment Program [...]

[Economic Survey Ch12] Sustainable Development, Climate Change (Part 3 of 3): PAT, RPO, REC, Cap-n-trade

Climate financing Taxation Subsidies Funds and Technology Transfers International Funds Desi Funds Market Based PAT RPO REC Cap n Trade vs Carbon Tax Green National Accounts Clean Energy challanges Nuclear Wind Power Solar Power Mock Questions Climate financing In all convention/conferences/protocols related to environment, climate [...]

World History interwar years-depression

[Old NCERT World History ch12] (Part 1 of 2) Between Two world Wars, Nazism, Fascism, The Great Depression

Europe between the Wars Fascism in Italy Nazism in Germany Developments in Britain and France United States Emerges as the Strongest Power The Depression The Emergence of the Soviet Union Nationalist Movements in Asia and Africa India Turkey and Khilafat Movement China Africa [...]

World History timeline-ww2

[Old NCERT World History ch12] (Part 2 of 2): Second World War, events, battles, resistance movements

THE SECOND WORLD WAR The Invasion of Poland Conquest of Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and France The Battle of Britain German Invasion of Soviet Union Pearl Harbour: Entry of USA The Battle of Stalingrad The ‘Second Front’ End of the War in Europe [...]

Millenium Development goals MDG

[Economic Survey] Ch12: Sustainable Development, Millennium Development Goals, MDG, SDG, NAPCC, WTO Solar subsidies

[Act 1] MDG, SDG, Kyoto Agreements #1: Millennium Development goals (MDG) MDG & India Budget 2014 on sustainable Development #2: Sustainable Development goals (SDG) #3: Kyoto and WARSAW #4: Fodder: Future agreements #5: Fodder: Emission cuts vs India [Act 2] Climate funding CF#1: [...]