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Can Big Data Analytics lead to eColonisation of India, China’s inroads into Myanmar Current Affairs 15th June, 2017

Can Big Data Analytics lead to eColonisation of India: What is Big Data? Big Data, as the term implies, refers to the storage of unusually large magnitude of data in electronic form (order of terabytes and higher). Big Data in itself hold no significance. It is [...]

[Aptitude] Time n Work: 4 men and 6 women can complete a work in 8 Days then

This is merely a subtype of Time n Work problems. and can be solved using our good ol’ STD table Method. Case 1: Women finish entire job Case 2: Women to finish remaining job Case: Child labour Case 1: Women finish entire job 4 men and [...]

[Speed Time Work] Three men can finish a work in x days, share in wages & other special cases

Prologue Case: three men start the work simultaneously. Case: Three Men Start Working One After Another Case: Share in Daily Wage Case: Share in money after work finished? Case: Time equations: set of two people working Case: Time Ratios are given Prologue Speed Time work questions [...]

[Speed Time Work] Two Men can finish a work, A is 3x more efficient than B, B leaves before completion & variety of cases

Case: A & B work start together but B leaves Case: A started work, B joined after 4 days, how days work lasted? Case: A starts, B joins, How long did B work? Case: A and B start together but A leaves Case: [...]

[IBPS PO/MT] You can apply without 60% in graduation, without computer certificate or above 28 age

This is not an article, just a reminder/update for those who’re unaware- IBPS has removed the ceilings about Graduation percentage, upper age and computer literacy for the PO/MT exam. On 22nd July 2013, IBPS changed the original notification click me and accordingly to the latest [...]

How productivity can be measured?

Ans. Productivity can be measured in such a way that it clearly reflects the imp-ordnance, and there must not be any ambiguities about the measurements of inputs and outputs Productivity is measured by different methods in various concerns - (i) In service industries basic difficulty is [...]

What type of role a managerial economist can play in business ?

Ans. A manager has the two primary tasks - making decisions and processing decision. Manager must be able to obtain, process and use information in order to make intelligent decisions. The objective of learning economic theory is to help managers know what managers should [...]

What types of decisions can be taken by performing break-even analysis ? Explain.

Ans. The purpose of using the break-even analysis is to decide the optimum break-even point, that is, where profits will be highest. At the time of making decisions, managers must pay a great deal of attention to the profit opportunities of alternative courses of [...]

Analyze the ways in which a business organization can discharge its social responsibility.

Ans. The business organizations have an obligation to be concerned about outside groups affected by their activities. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the idea that firms have obligations to society beyond their economic obligations to owners or stockholders and also beyond those prescribed by [...]

How the tunneling can be achieved through penetration of barrier?

Ans. If the width of the step potential becomes finite say, the potential step extends from x = 0 to x = d, i.e., the thickness of the potential barrier is d, then we will get the tunneling phenomenon of barrier penetration also called 'quantum leak'. [...]

When will you can call a semiconductor as bulk, quantum well, quantum wire, quantum dot OR nanoparticle ? Discuss in terms of density of states, electronic properties, optical properties, energy level structure etc.

Ans. Semiconductor as Bulk- Bulk semiconductors are materials that are sold in bulk that can be used to make semiconductors. There are two common materials that are used- silicon and gallium arsenide. Silicon is one of the most abundant elements on the planet. Gallium [...]