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Money: Evolution, Function, Types: Limited vs Unlimited Legal Tender, Fiat vs Fiduciary, Token vs Full Bodies, Debasement vs Demonetization, SBN Ordinance & More

BES171/Money#1: Functions of Money, Full Bodied coins vs Token Coins, Debasement BES171/Money#2: Limited & Unlimited Legal Tenders, Fiat & Fiduciary Money, Gold & Paper standard, Polity angle of Demonetization BES171/Money#3: Bitcoin Simplified, Blockchain technology how useful in Banking transactions? BES171/Money#1: Functions of Money, Full [...]

FDI multibrand retail

[Economy] Current 2014 Feb Week 1: FDI, Regulatory Bodies, Infrastructure (Part 2 of 3)

Prologue [Act III] FDI related current affairs [2014FebWeek1] [FDI] Multi brand Retail: “Gaddari” by Delhi & Rajasthan [FDI] Lobbying by Walmart and Amazon [FDI] Railways: FM, HM oppose Chinese FDI [FDI] Drugs Pharmaceuticals [FDI] Vodafone: fully foreign owned [FDI] Andhra favorite despite Telengana [...]

[UN Bodies] ECOSOC, UNESCO, UN-IOC- structure, functions, mandate

D1: UN-IOC Sports for development and Peace D2: UNSECO and International literacy day D3: UN-IOC Sports for development and Peace D1: UN ECOSOC structure Function Q. Write a short note on the structure & function of UN-ECOSOC (100 words) Since UN ECOSOC had released this Arab [...]

[Bodies] CBI needs no prior sanction and Prasar Bharati needs autonomy

P1: CBI needs no Prior sanction P2: Prasar Bharati Autonomy P1: CBI needs no Prior sanction What’s the relevance of this topic to UPSC Syllabus? (GSM2): transparency and accountability (GSM4): challenges of corruption. Present system CBI derives powers under Delhi Special Police Establishment Act 1946 But [...]

[Bodies] Judicial Appointment Commission (JAC), Fixed Tenure for Chief Justice of India

P1: Judicial appointment commission P2: Fixed Tenure for CJI? P1: Judicial appointment commission At present, the judges in SC/HC are selected via a collegium method. But this method is opaque, and lacks accountability. Therefore, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Justice recommended creating JAC. [...]

Map-Ukrain Crisis

[PIN-2014] Part 2/6: International- Presidents, Prime ministers, Summits, bodies & Ukraine Crisis

Prologue to six part Article series PIN: Heads of States Chief Guest in 26th January Republic Day Parade India’s Ranks (2013) International Summits National Summits Ukraine crisis International Organizations International places in news Prologue to six part Article series Total six parts covering December 2013 [...]

Lokpal selection rule

[Bodies] Lokpal Selection Rules No. 10, Search Committee, Selection Committee, SC verdict

What is the Relevance of this issue with UPSC Mains exam? (GS2): Statutory, regulatory and various quasi-judicial bodies (GS2): transparency and accountability (GS4): challenges of corruption Timeline / Sequence of events December 2013: Lokpal and Lokayukta act passed. Lokpal will consist of one chairman Four [...]

[Religion] Shuddhi Sabha, Tanzim Bodies, Tablighi Jamat, Deobandh, Love Jihad

Shuddhi sabhas and tanzim bodies Tablighi Jamat and Deobandh Love Jihad Shuddhi sabhas and tanzim bodies Earlier, if a Hindu converted to another religion, he was not allowed to return back. Swami Shradhananda and Swami Dayananda Saraswati propagated suddhi movement- to accept people back [...]

GS3 Mains 2014 Paper Analysis

[Download] UPSC Mains-2014: GS2-Polity, Governance, Policies, Schemes, International Bodies, Diplomacy

Analysis INSTRUCTIONS for General studies paper-2 (GS2) Constitution (50m) Governance, Administration, Bodies (30m) Policies: Economic sectors (20m) Policies: HRD /Welfare type (50m) IR/Diplomacy (50m) Question Paper: Linear Format Bogus marketing propaganda Analysis Overall, same like GS1- wordlimit decreased but vagueness and complexity increased. But some [...]