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रसायन विज्ञान / 2 अंक के लिए / 2017-18/ mp board exam

mp board exam class 12th (2017-18) रसायन विज्ञान (2 अंक के लिए कुछ महत्पूर्ण प्रश्न ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (i) एंजाइम क्या होते है ? (ii) हार्डी शुल्जे नियम क्या है ? (iii) अधिशोषण क्या है ? (iv) प्राप्य क्लोरीन से आप क्या समझते हो ? (v) गोताखोर गहरे समुद्र [...]

UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (12) 2015-16: Alka Sirohi Board

Name:- Vikram Qualification:- B.Sc Biotech Optional:- Geography Work experience :- Asst Manager, Union bank of India, Presently in SAC,ISRO Ahmedabad Hobby:- Reading Garfield comic strip, Caring for street dogs 04 May 2016, 4th candidate to be interviewed Chairwoman:- Alka Sirohi Madam. Entered, Wished Chairwoman, Lady member & other male [...]

UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (11) 2015-16: Aravind Saxena Board

Name- Pavankumar.G.Giriyappanavar. Date-28/04/2016 Morning session Duration-30-35 minutes Board- Mr.Aravind Saxena Board I was Second candidate to be interviewed. P.S– I have tried to reproduce answers as I have answered in interview. But it can’t be the same. I have tried to mention the core ideas, concepts based on which I [...]

UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (8) 2015-16: Manbir Singh Board

Name: Nithin Age: 28 Years Attempt : 1st Education : M Tech from IIT Kharagpur in RF and Microwave Engineering Work Experience : Patent Analyst in Dolcera ITES(4 month), Senior Hardware Engineer Bosch (3 years) Board : Manbir Singh   Chairman : So, you have an interesting profile, You seem to [...]

UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (7) 2015-16: Manbir Singh Board

Name: Krishna Koundinya Manbir Singh Board Afternoon session,  5th slot , around 4:00 pm B.Tech , MBA, Deloitte, Vizag steel plant, Infosys, Startup- First Attempt Hobbies: Indian Philosophy Anime Manga State: Telangana Tried my best for an exact reproduction of conversation but there gaps. Conversations were somewhat different in letter [...]

UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (6) 2015-16: Alka Sirohi Board

Name: PRANAY PATHAK Hello friends. Recently, I took my UPSC interview and would like to share my experience. For the sake of convenience, I am putting all the questions together, though they were asked by different members of the panel. Q. So, Mr.Pranay, you want to [...]

UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (5) 2015-16: Arvind Saxena Board

Name: Mani Agarwal Optional: Mathematics Board: Arvind Saxena First Attempt The interview started at around 11:46pm I entered the room. It was not the typical set up with a semi circular table and a separate chair for the aspirant. Rather it was a round table with all members and [...]

UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (3) 2015-16: Alka Sirohi Board

Name : Vidhu Trivedi Panel : Alka Sirohi maam Time : afternoon shift Date : 16 march 2016 As soon as I entered, I was dumbstuck by the aura of Alka Sirohi maam. All the motivational talks i had with myself sitting outside the room, vanished as soon as [...]

UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (1) 2015-16: Alka Sirohi Board

Hello Friends We are glad to share the interview transcript of a fellow aspirant. We will try our best to share such transcripts as and when available. It will be helpful for your preparation. Thank You Name- Anonymous  Board: Alka Sirohi Hobby : numismatics, playing cricket Optional : Anthropology B.Tech (IT)   OVERALL [...]


UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (2) 2015-16: Manbir Singh Board

Name- Alankrita Pandey Board- Manbri Singh   (Chairman sitting very far and was speaking very softly, he was not audible clearly) Ch: You are a computer science engineer. But you have taken public administration optional. (then mumbles something) Me: I assumed he is asking why? so I started answering. Ch: [...]

[Polity] Prohibition of Unfair Practices in Schools Bill 2012 and Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE): Features, functions

What is CABE? Objectives of the bill? Unfair Practices Prohibited under the Bill Punishment Anti-argument Mock Questions What is CABE? Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE), is the highest advisory body to advise the Union and State Governments in the field of education. Particularly for [...]