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[ML16] Mains Revision & Answer Writing: GSM3:- Summary of GST & UBI (Universal Basic Income)- Features, Benefits, Challenges

Prologue GSM3/Economy: GST-Proposed Framework, Benefits, Challenges- Summary GSM3/Poverty: UBI Universal Basic Income for Indian Poor: Benefits, Challenges- Summary Prologue The last part of mains revision and answer writing for selected topics. covered with full length discuss on model answer. Powerpoints available under Mrunal.org/download – [...]

[Polity] Inter linking of Rivers in India : Benefits, Problems, China dispute etc.

What is the inter-linking river project? History States  : Favour and Oppose What’re the benefits? What is the cost? Ken-Betwa river link Constitutional Provisions: “Water” What is the problem? What is CLNNUIW? Indo China Water Disputes? World Bank report on India’s Water Policy [...]

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[Economy] Ethanol Blending in Petrol: meaning, benefits & limitations; Hybrid cars & Intelligent Transport

What is Ethanol fuel / Gasohol? Pro-argument for Ethanol Blending? Anti-argument against Ethanol Blending? Gasohol system in India and abroad What is National Automotive Board (NAB)? What is National Mission for Electric Mobility (NMEM)? What is a Hybrid vehicle? What is Intelligent Transport [...]

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[Polity] Crime and Criminal Tracking Network Systems (CCTNS): features, Benefits

Crime and Criminal Tracking Network Systems(CCTNS) What are the advantages of CCTNS? Benefits to Senior police officers Benefits to Investigating Officers Benefits to Citizen Future ahead: CCTNS Current Progress of CCTNS Bureau of Police Research and Development(BPRD) What is National Police Mission (NPM) [...]

Madurai Malli

[Economy] Geographical Indication GI-tag: Features, Issues, benefits, Madurai Malli, Meerut scissors

What is GI tag? How is GI different than trademark? Mechanism: Internationally Mechanism India: GI Act 99 Problem/issue with GI Act? Pakistani Basmati Meerut scissors Madurai Malli Entire list? Mock Questions What is GI tag? Geographical Indication tag. A GI tag =A particular item [...]

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[Rights Issue] Socio Economic Caste Census (SECC) 2011: Purpose, Benefits, Features, Deprivation index

SECC-2011: WHY needed? Census Difference: Regular vs SECC Confidential? BPL: SECC vs Planning Commission Poverty: UN Definition Poverty Line: India Tendulkar SECC-Players involved Procedure Data collection SECC: Methodology #1: Automatically Excluded #2: Automatically Included #3: Deprivation indicator 7 deprivation indicators: Followup SECC Advantages? [...]

[Land Reforms] Cooperative Farming in India: features, benefits, limitations

What is cooperative Farming? Why Cooperative farming? India towards Cooperative Farming Cooperative Farming vs Five Year Plans Cooperative Farming: Limitations/Epicfail Miscalculations and false hopes Bogus farms and apathetic bureaucrats Free riders What is cooperative Farming? Cooperative farming refers to an organisation in which: each member-farmer [...]

[Land Reforms] Consolidation of Land Holdings, Computerization of Land Records in India- features, benefits, limitations

Prologue Topic#1: Consolidation of Land Holdings What is Consolidation of Land holdings? Why do we need Consolidation of Land holdings? What are the methods of Land consolidation? #1: Voluntary Consolidation #2: Compulsory Consolidation (+ve) Land Consolidation: Benefits, Advantages, Positive points (-ve) Land consolidation: [...]

Bancassurance model differences

[Banking] Bancassurance: Compulsory Broker Model, IRDA vs Banks, issue, benefits, challanges, insurance penetration, Financial inclusion & Nachiket Committee

Prologue Bancassurance #1: Referral Model #2: Corporate Agent model #3: Broker Model Benefits of Broker model? Anti-Arguments: Broker Model Nachiket on Insurance Cross KYC Reforms in NBFC bancassurance models Allow NBFCs to take deposits NBFCs as mutual funds agents Banks as Mutual fund [...]

[Agriculture] Jhum Cultivation- Meaning, Benefits & Limitations, Rabi Crop reforms, Neera Sap

Jhum cultivation: pros and cons Favor of Jhum cultivation Against Jhum cultivation Agri. Ministry: Rabi crop reforms Neera Sap New hybrids: Tea and Banana Jhum cultivation: pros and cons of course we all know what is Jhuming but topic in news, because someone wrote an [...]

Map Polavaram Project Andhrapradesh

[River Disputes] Polavaram Project Ordinance: Purpose, Benefits, Criticism Andhra Pradesh vs Telangana

Polavaram Project: Objectives Polavaram Project Authority (PPA) Polavaram Ordinance Anti-ordinance arguments Polavaram Project: Objectives Official name: Indira Sagar Multipurpose project What are the objectives of this project? To interlink Godavari (Polavaram) & Krishna (Vijaywada) just before they merge into sea. (observe map) To Store water at [...]

National food security Act salient features

Food Security Act: Salient features, Benefits, Entitlements, grievances redressal system & criticism

Prologue National Food security Act Prices and Entitlements under NFSA Grievance Redressal Mechanism: Deadlines under Food security Act Implementation in States/UT Targeted PDS system reformed Limitation of NFSA: Prologue Economic Survey Chapter 8: Agriculture and Food Management. SIX subparts: Fertilizer subsidy & schemes, Budget-2014 announcement [...]