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ASEAN Regional Forum

[Diplomacy] India and ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF): Meetings & Outcomes

What is ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF)? Working of ARF What is Track-1 and Track-2 Diplomacy? 3-stage Confidence Building process ARF Member states ARF process is three-tiered Four Intersessional meetings of ISMs Vision Statement for ARF for 2020 Hanoi Plan of Action (POA) India [...]

INS Sudarshini sent for India ASEAN

[Diplomacy] India ASEAN 20 years of Dialogue Partnership, FTA in Service Investment, Vision 2020

Prologue ASEAN – India Commemorative Summit 2012 #1: India-ASEAN car rally #2: Naval Expedition #3: India-ASEAN Vision – 2020 document More co-op in regional forums Maritime Cooperation Development front Renewable Energy Funding Socio-Cultural Monuments Connectivity Delhi Dialogue India ASEAN logo ASEAN-India Eminent Persons [...]

[Diplomacy] India-ASEAN: Relation, FTAs in Goods, services and investment

Prologue ASEAN: Origin Musyawarah & Mufakat TAC Treaty Timeline: Growth of ASEAN since 90s ASEAN Community (2015) ASEAN Performance: GOOD ASEAN Performance: NOT so GOOD Chinese Arm twisting India-ASEAN Relations Why ASEAN important for India? India-ASEAN FTAs: A Timeline India ASEAN FTA in [...]