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Disaster Management: EarthQuakes

[Polity] 2nd ARC: Disaster Management (3rd Report) Gist of Chapter 1 to 3

This content is taken from 3rd report of 2nd Administrative reform Commission (Crisis  Management). The reports of 2nd ARC are important because they provide truckload of fodder-material in UPSC exam General Studies, Public Administration, Essay and interview. Crisis vs Disaster Disasters: why increasing? Disasters [...]

2nd ARC Ethics and Corruption mindmap

[Polity] 2nd ARC Ethics and Corruption (4th Report): Election Reforms, State Funding of Elections

What is Ethics? What is Rule of Law? Two Viewpoints in Fighting Corruption 3 Factors behind Corruption in India Politics and Ethics Election =Mother of corruption Criminalization of politics Election reforms already in process Election Funding Three Patterns of State Funding of Elections [...]

SARFAESI structure

[Banking] SARFAESI Act, Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC), Security Receipts (SR), QIB, DRT, Central Registry

What is NPA? Debt Recovery tribunals (DRT) under SARFAESI Act? What is the Sarfaesi Act? Appeal structure Bank: Power to Auction What is ARC? What are Security Receipts (SR)? What is Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB)? Foreign investment in ARC? ARC New Power: convert [...]

map Indian ocean rim association

[Diplomacy] Indian Ocean Rim Association (IOR-ARC): 12th Summit, Gurgaon Communique, Highlights

What is IOR-ARC? Members of Indian Ocean Rim? Why IOA-ARC is important? Gurgaon Communiqué /Declaration (2012) 6- Priority areas What is blue economy? Mock questions What is IOR-ARC? Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation Established in 1997 Importance of Indian Ocean rim? Indian Ocean [...]

[Essays] December Week1: Social suffocation, true Sovereignty, Arc of revanchist states

Diplomacy & Globalization Democracy, Development & Society Science, Religion & Misc. Ethics/ Mains General Studies paper 4 Write an essay on following topics in 1200-1500 words each in 3 hours. Diplomacy & Globalization “If the basics of a just world economic order are absent, a [...]