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Daily Current Affairs – 4th January, 2016

Taming bulls, wounding rights As the harvest festival of Pongal approaches in Tamil Nadu, the clamour for legitimising the brutal sport, jallikattu, has grown louder yet again. The pressure this time includes the added weight of the political context, with ‘Tamil tradition and culture’ [...]


Daily Current Affairs – 4th February, 2016

Defending the diaspora Many people involved in the massive evacuation of Indian expatriates from Kuwait in 1990 are disappointed at the mischaracterisation of the role of the politicians, diplomats and airline officials in Airlift , a new Hindi film based on that incident. Why in news? In [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 4th March, 2016

Green Budget for sustainable development BACKGROUND: The funds for the ministry of new and renewable energy have also been reduced even as an increase in the generation target for renewable energy has been announced, to 175,000 megawatts by 2022. Making a country’s budget green is [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 4th April, 2016

Why migrants are Europe’s litmus test? After the terror attack in Brussels on March 22 morning, two claims are being made on the European land by few of the political leaders as well as the angered public. The immediate association between the attacks and the migrant crisis, the [...]