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[Tenancy Reforms] Achievements and Limitations in India

Tenancy Reforms: Obstacles/Limitations #1: Women did not benefit #2: SC/ST did not benefit #3: Green Revolution=land grabbing #4: Personal Cultivation Tenancy Reforms: Benefits #1: Rise of New Politics #2: Social Justice #3: More investment Tenancy Reforms: Obstacles/Limitations In the previous article, we saw the salient [...]

[Land Reforms] Overall Achievements, Impact on Indian society & Reasons for failure

Land Reforms: Overall Negative Jurisdiction Outdated Land records Problem in North East Lack of budgetary $upport Bureaucratic apathy Lack of Votebank Powerless Panchyat Lack of Civil Society/NGO action The Naxal Angle: Appu Land reforms: Overall Positive Land Reforms: Overall Negative In the previous articles, we [...]

Bhoodan Gramdan

[Land Reforms] Bhoodan, Gramdan, Vinoba Bhave: Achievements, obstacles, limitations

Prologue Bhoodan Movement (Donation of Land) Bhoodan: Mechanism/procedure/features Bhoodan: Positive Bhoodan: Obstacles, Limitations, Problems Gramdan (Donation of the Entire Village) Gramdan: Concept/Principles Gramdan Mechanism Gramdan: Benefits Pardi Satyagraha, Gujarat, 50s Mock Questions Prologue So far we’ve seen: British Tenure system, peasant revolts and three [...]

[Modi Diplomacy] Part 4/4: Summit Style diplomacy with Japan, China, USA- achievements and limitations

Prologue Summit-style diplomacy Strategic relations Trade & investment Infrastructure Railways Transport corridors Nuke Energy Environment and disaster Management Space science public health Culture tourism Limitations of Summit Style diplomacy Prologue So far we’ve covered three meetings of Modi with Japan- PM Shinzo Abe China- President [...]