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Current Affairs 18th and 19th February 2018

राष्ट्रीय समाचार 1. लोकसभा अध्यक्ष सुमित्रा महाजन ने छठे भारतीय क्षेत्र सीपीए सम्मेलन का उद्घाटन किया i. लोकसभा अध्यक्ष सुमित्रा महाजन ने बिहार के पटना में छठे इंडिया रीजन कॉमनवेल्थ पार्लियामेंट्री एसोसिएशन कांफ्रेंस का उद्घाटन किया. यह सम्मेलन ने संसदीय संघ संगठन के उद्देश्यों और भूमिका पर केंद्रित किया. ii. इस सम्मेलन [...]

Hyperglobalisation and period after, Social Audit Current Affairs 18th July, 2017

Hyperglobalisation and period after Introduction: The post-World War II period witnessed a rapid rise in trade between nations. By the end of the 1980s and early 1990s, global trade integration had reverted to levels last seen before World War I. Term ‘Hyperglobalisation’ is used by the Economists to describe [...]

Governance and Tobacco, Electoral Reforms and Judiciary, Current Affairs 18th April, 2017

Governance and Tobacco Introduction As part for the government policy we have a clear cut framework of discouraging use of tobacco. But investment of government companies and PSUs in large private tobacco holdings is a question worth a debate. Issue: A group of people including the managing trustee [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 18th February, 2017

ISRO and its achievements Introduction ISRO has led the Indian achievements in Indian roadmap of research and development from independence. This has resulted in huge benefits for India in diverse fields and has also given rich foreign exchange earnings through commercial ventures. This establishes the fact [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 18th January, 2017

Municipal waste management- Waste to energy plants To manage solid waste or garbage in cities, there are three steps to it Segregation of biodegradable or wet waste from dry waste at source. Once segregation is achieved, municipal governments can use wet waste to produce compost [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 18th November, 2016

Electoral financial reforms need to follow demonetisation The Centre for Media Studies in 2014 estimated that aggregate cost of the central and state elections was just under $5 billion. This would have been the second most expensive election season ever after the 2012 US [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 18th October, 2016

Triple Talaq case: the judicial intervention In news: The debate around triple talaq and Uniform Civil Code (UCC) has once again surfaced with mixing of two issues. Though the Law Commission sought public opinion on the exercise of revising and reforming family laws of all [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 18th August, 2016

By 2020- 730 million internet users in India What? A report ‘The Future of internet in India’ released by Nasscom (National Association of Software & Services Companies) in partnership with Akamai Technologies Inc., a leader in content delivery network services. Aim: to understand the impact [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 18th July, 2016

Is protectionism a problem? Will the next USA President be committed to free trade? Democratic candidate has given lukewarm support to free trade as well as Trans-Pacific Partnership. Republican candidate is hostile towards trade deals that throw open US markets. Trump envisages a 35% tariff [...]

GATE 2016 RESULTS DAY – MARCH 18TH [ “hell of a surprise”]

Finally much awaited results of GATE 2016 organised by IISC bangalore was out today evening.The controversy regarding  wrong questions in SET1 and high difficulty level of SET-2 was dealt with ease by IISC. The SET-1 guys benefited from MTA (marks to all) despite a negative [...]