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Got Youtube’s official Silver Play button Award for crossing 1 lakh subscriber mark!

Delighted to inform you all that I’ve been awarded “Youtube’s official Silver Play Button award” for crossing 1 Lakh subscribers mark on the channel “Youtube.com/user/TheMrunalPatel” – where we upload lectures for UPSC civil services and other competitive exams of India. Award Citation Dear Mrunal, You’ve just done [...]

BASEL norms

[Economy Q] Basel III Norms: Tier 1 and Tier 2 Capital meaning use

Why BASEL? What is BASEL? What are BASEL Capital adequacy requirements (CAR)? BASEL-III norms Criticism of BASEL norms Why BASEL? 2007-08: Subprime crisis in USA, after their banks loaned money to “subprime” borrowers i.e. people without capacity to repay the loan. The resultant housing [...]

[Strategy & Studyplan] Public Administration Mains Paper 1 & 2 (Hindi / English) for UPSC IAS Exam Recommend Booklist

For those totally newcomers, wanting to prepare Public Administration in Just 2-3 months. Why Public Administration is Popular? Challenges/Obstacles/Problems in Preparation Types of Question: Static vs Dynamic Static Questions in Public Administration Dynamic Questions in Public Administration Gemstone Mining from SRB Back-breaking Move Innocent [...]


[Topicwise-Analysis] General Studies paper-1 (Mains) 2010

Marks distribution (out of 362) % wise importance given to each topic History Development,Policy-making,Administration,Yearbook etc Polity Geography,environment and disaster Management Science and Tech Art,culture and sports Economy People in News Conclusions On the side note, here are the brief answers for the frequently [...]

Disaster Management: EarthQuakes

[Polity] 2nd ARC: Disaster Management (3rd Report) Gist of Chapter 1 to 3

This content is taken from 3rd report of 2nd Administrative reform Commission (Crisis  Management). The reports of 2nd ARC are important because they provide truckload of fodder-material in UPSC exam General Studies, Public Administration, Essay and interview. Crisis vs Disaster Disasters: why increasing? Disasters [...]

Download GS Mains Papers UPSC

[Download] General Studies Mains Paper 1 and 2 of UPSC Civil Service Exam

I shall complete my yearly ritual of doing [analysis] of the papers. But in the meantime, those who are eager to see the papers. General Studies I General Studies II General Studies Mains 2012 Question Paper 1 1. Answer any five of the following in about [...]

[Download] Public Administration Mains 2012 Question Paper 1 & 2 of UPSC Civil Service IAS/IPS Examination

Public Administration Mains 2012: Paper 1 SECTION-A 1. Answer the following questions in not more than 150 words each :- 12×5=60 ‘On a more sophisticated plane public choice is concerned with “Pareto optimality”, or at least with “Pareto improvements”.’ Comment. ‘In the canonization of this abstract [...]

UPSC General Studies Mains Analysis

[Analysis] General Studies Mains Analysis of 2012 Paper 1 & 2: Topicwise Analysis, future approach for UPSC IAS IPS exam

Difficulty Conspiracy theories History (Freedom Struggle) Culture Polity Yearbook Public Health Environment (NOT Geography!) [PIN] Persons in News Diplomacy Economy Science Tech Statistics and Data Interpretation Topicwise Breakup for Paper I and Paper II Length of the paper: GS1 (2011 vs 2012) Length [...]

[Question Paper] History Mains 2012 Paper 1 & 2 of UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS Exam

History Mains 2012 Paper 1 History Paper I (SECTION – A) History Paper I (SECTION – B) History Mains 2012 (Paper 2) History P2 (SECTION – A) History P2 (SECTION – B) History Mains 2012 Paper 1 History Paper I (SECTION – A) Q1. Identify the [...]

[Question Paper] Geography Mains 2012 Paper 1 & 2 of UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS Exam

Geography Mains 2012 (Paper 1) Geography Mains 2012 (Paper II) Geography Mains 2012 (Paper 1) Geography Paper 1 SECTION – A 1. Write short notes on the following in about 150 words each: Palaeozoic glacial evidence for Continental Drift. Systems approach to landform analysis. Compare and [...]

[Question Paper] Anthropology Mains 2012 Paper 1 & 2 UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS exam

The usual instructions- and 5 are compulsory and any three of the remaining questions selecting at least one question from each section. 300 marks and 3 hours. Anthropology Mains 2012 : Paper 1 Section A 150 words each How natural selection acts on variation? Ways of acquiring [...]

[Question Paper] Sociology Mains 2012 Paper 1 & 2 UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS Exam

Paper I: SECTION – A Q1. 150 words each Interpretative Sociology Fact Value and Objectivity Universalism vs. Particilarism Comparative Method Sacred and Profane Q 2. 30 markers How did the French revolution and Industrial revolution play an important role in the emergence of Sociology? Show how [...]