[Studyplan] Kashmir Administrative Services (KAS) General Studies (Mains) Exam by JKPSC topicwise booklist strategy & tips

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[Studyplan] Kashmir Administrative Services (KAS) General Studies (Mains) Exam by JKPSC topicwise booklist strategy & tips

This is a guest article by Mr.Shoaib Noor for the benefit of Kashmir Administrative service (KAS) aspirants.
  1. KAS Prelims 2012: Brief analysis for result
  2. KAS Mains 2012 :Introduction
  3. KAS General Studies Paper 1
    1. Modern History of India and Indian Culture
    2. Current Events of National Importance
    3. Current Events of International Importance
    4. Statistics
  4. KAS General Studies (GS) Paper 2
    1. Indian Polity
    2. Geography of Jammu and Kashmir
    3. Indian Economy
    4. Geography of India
    5. Science and Technology
  5. Additional Tips for KAS
  6. About the Author


KAS Prelims 2012: Brief analysis for result

  • KAS Prelims 2012 that was held on 5th August 2012
  • On 28th August 2012, Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission declared the Result of this exam.
  • Out of 17696 Candidates who had enrolled for KAS Prelims 2012, 14464 candidates appeared in the exam.
  • 1625 aspirants were declared successful.
  • The Cutoff was 306.933 Marks which was much higher than the Previous Year.
  • The Following Subject wise list of successful candidates again shows the skewed nature of KAS results and the need for Moderation and scaling in KAS Results from Preliminary to Mains Exam is the need of the hour.
Sociology 432
Public Administration 256
Political-Science 278
Veterinary-Sciences 148
Geography 143
Law 99
History 92
Economics 49
Botany 37
Agriculture 28
Zoology 24
Psychology 19
Statistics 10
Commerce 8
Physics 7
Geology 4
Mechanical-engineering 4
Chemistry 3
Mathematics,Philosophy,Electrical Engineering 1
Civil Engineering None

KAS Mains 2012 :Introduction

  • It is tentatively scheduled 15th February 2013. Before you start your Journey towards your Cherished Goal, Plan. Remember If You Fail to Plan, you Plan to fail. Your Plan should be based on a clear Understanding of what is required of you. As JKPSC mentions in its Syllabus “The Mains examination is intended to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates rather than merely the range of their information and memory.”
  • The General studies (G.S) paper for KAS Mains exam requires very in-depth knowledge of wide ranging topics from Indian National Movement, Indian Polity to Statistics. Unlike Prelims, where just one or two time reading of a fact can work, here you have to not only have comprehend and remember the facts but you should be able to write whatever is asked of you. So one needs to understand whatever he is reading rather than cramming the facts.
  • A good base in General studies is important for clearing the civil services exam as well as for a Better rank. As far as the exam is considered, 600 marks in the GS papers, 150 marks in essay and 250 marks in interview depend on your General knowledge base.
  • Thus around 1000-1200 marks depends directly on your General studies.

Here first of all, I will give a list of reading materials which are must and need to be covered comprehensively.

  1. NCERT Books (New NCERT can be legally downloaded free. Available in English, Hindi and Urdu : CLICK ME)
  2. A brief history of Modern India by Rajiv Ahir (Spectrum Publication) [Hindi title : Adhunik Bharat Kaa itihas]
  3. Statistical Analysis (Spectrum Publication) [Hindi Title: Sakhiyaki Vishlasan, Graph Avum Aaraikh]
  4. Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth [Hindi Title: Bharat Ki Rajya Vyavstha]
  5. Our Constitution by Subhash Kashyap 
  6. Geography of Jammu and Kashmir by Majid Hussain or G.N. Yatoo.
  7. India Yearbook (Mrunal Edit: 2012’s edition hard to find, but 2011’s edition legally free download, Click me)
  8. Economic survey (Legally free Download,Click ME)
  9. old psc papers can be downloaded from jkpsc.nic.in or jkpsc.org

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KAS General Studies Paper 1

Modern History of India and Indian Culture

The History of Modern India will cover history of the Country from about the middle of nineteenth century and would also include questions on important personalities who shaped the freedom movement and social reforms. The part relating to Indian culture will cover all aspects of Indian culture from the ancient to modern times as well as principal features of literature, arts and architecture. This Section is one of the Core areas of Paper-I.  The total number of marks allocated to this topic ranges from 140-160 marks. I.e. more than 50% of the total marks of Paper I.  For its complete understanding following books should be refered,

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