SIDBI Grade A 2016 Exam – Sample Letter


SIDBI Grade A 2016 Exam – Sample Letter

Dear Aspirants

SIDBI Grade A general stream exam is just around the corner. The Question Paper included Descriptive part which contains questions from Essay and Letter. So to help you, we are posting a Sample Business letter.


Today we are posting a sample letter on the following Topic: “Write a letter to the Bank Manager seeking time for payment of EMI.”

No.10 Bazullah Road

Shenoy Nagar

Chennai 600084

Date:  10.7.2015


The Manager

State Bank of India

6th Avenue

Anna Nagar – West

Tamil Nadu, Chennai

Sub: Seeking time for payment of EMI for Education Loan

Dear Sir,

This is to inform that, I availed an Education Loan (A/c No. SHN/23456/2007) of Rs.6 lakhs, in the year 2008 from your bank branch, for studying B.Tech from Lovely Professional University (LPU). I completed my B.Tech degree in March 2014 and I had attended campus recruitment tests conducted at the University.  I could not get placed because of less percentage of marks. After completing the degree I am applying in various software companies for recruitment and I am pretty much sure of getting employed soon. In the meantime I have received your letter dated 8th July 2015 asking me to pay the Easy Monthly Installment (EMI). Due to some financial problems, I am unable to repay the EMI as per the schedule. Kindly grant me an extension for further six months.

I am hoping of getting employed in a software company or in a nationalized bank by the end of this month. I am sure you will consider my request favorably, waiting for a positive response.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Format of Business Letter

[Your address]

[Your city, state, pin code]

[Today’s date]

[The Manager]

[Name of the bank]

[City, state, pin code]

SUBJECT: describe the problem in one line

(Subject is supposed to be written in capital letters and underline the subject)

Dear (Sir/ Madam):

Introduction: Request the manager to grant you the extension for payment of EMI.

Body: Provide a reason as to why the manager should provide you with an extension. Provide all the important details about your studies.

Concluding remark: Request the manager to extend the time period for the payment of EMI and you will abide by all the terms and conditions.


[Your signature]

[Your name]

Points to Remember

1. It is very important to follow the format while writing a formal letter. You neither write less, nor exceed the word limit. You have to be very precise while writing a formal letter.

2. You must ensure that your content does not seem repetitive. Repetition of words/sentences or content as a whole invites cutting of marks. Try and use synonyms in case you see that a word is getting repeated a number of times in the letter.

3. Your letter should be written in a particular flow. The subject should highlight the main purpose of letter. The introduction of your letter should effortlessly lead to the body, which should lead to the concluding paragraph.

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