Post Gate Guidance : IISc DESE (formerly CEDT) Written Test Questions

Post Gate Guidance : IISc DESE (formerly CEDT) Written Test Questions

I have gathered information from various online and offline sources regarding the pattern and previously asked questions at written test for IISc DESE (formerly CEDT).

Who should Apply?

All ECE students with AIR <  1100 (for obc) and AIR < 500 (gen) may get a call for the written test.

Around 300 students appear for the written test and around 150 are shortlisted for the interview.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD  Written Test Questions

Only around 30-35 students are selected for the course.

In 2016,the written test is conducted on April 18th  9am and results of the same will be published later that day.The interviews will be held over the next 2 days.


DESE 2016 Written Exam  was conducted on 18th April at Central Lecture Hall,IISc.The question paper consisted of ten 1 mark questions, eight 2 mark and eight 3 mark questions,accounting for a total of 50 marks.

Test Duration : 1.5 hours

Topics covered:

Matrix and Linear algebra (condition for no solution)

Digital electronics(comparators,ADCs,mux)

Communication systems (Pdf and Cdf of uniform distribution,Probability of error of BPSK,FM/PM bandwidth and deviation)

Analog circuits (cmos inverter with src and drain terminals interchanged)

Electronic Devices ( energy band diagram of PIN)

Computer Networks ( ARP,MAC address calculation)

Power Electronics ( Buck and Boost Convertor)

Network Theory ( resistor divider and loading; find current)

Only 127 students were shortlisted for the interview.Click here to see the list.

The interviews for the shortlisted students were conducted over a period of next two days.
Me and murali were shortlisted for the interview,but could not attend the interview.

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