Master Tips for Descriptive Paper- SIDBI Grade A – General Stream 2016 Exam


Master Tips for Descriptive Paper- SIDBI Grade A – General Stream 2016 Exam

Dear Aspirants

As mentioned in the syllabus of SIDBI Grade A- General Stream 2016 Exam, you would be tested on the basis of Objective and Descriptive mode of Exam.


The Descriptive exam in itself ignites fear in the mind of most candidates. And when it is combined with English Language the nervousness and the fear has no bounds. Like many you must also be scared of the coming English Descriptive test. Therefore to alleviate your fear of English Descriptive Exam, we have come up with the Tips for Descriptive Exam. We hope this will help you in your preparation.

First let’s know the details of the Descriptive Exam. It is 45 minutes duration exam with 2 questions – one of Essay writing and second one is Business letter writing. And these combined has been allotted 50 marks.

Essay Writing

While writing an Essay the main worry is what should be written in the body of essay?

The Body of Essay should have some of the basic things. These are given below but these should be covered in the order mentioned:

1. Introduction: It should include the Background and the history of the Subject.

2. About: It should include about the details, concept, and theory of the Subject.

3. Positives: Here you must state the advantages of the subject which should include various benefits caused to the different sections of the society, Indian economy, women and country overall. At last state what impact it has worldwide (if any).

4. Negatives: This should be covered carefully and include any harm it has caused / will cause to the people, economy of the country.

5. Suggestions: Here you must mention any improvement in the subject for the better. The suggestion should be good and must reflect positive changes in the future.

6. Conclusion: Here you are required to summarize all the points you have mentioned above.

Important Tips for Essay Writing:

i). Take time to choose the subject.

ii). You should be familiar with the subject.

iii). Think for some time about the subject.

iv). Note down all the important points.

v).  Be neutral while writing an essay.

 Now the common mistakes most people do while writing an Essay:

i). The essay body should be structured i.e. you cannot mention a point on history in the Positives.

ii). You should not criticize government needlessly.

iii). You are mentioning the negatives of the subject but don’t talk about suggestions.

iv). You should not get personal while writing an essay.

v). You should not diverge from the subject i.e. if the subject is GST, you should not write about Direct taxes.

vi). You should not choose the subject, you are not familiar with.

vii). If you are incorporating some fact, then that fact should be accurate.

Business Letter:

The most important thing while writing a business letter is the format. Now-a-days the most widely Format is the block style, in which the entire text of the letter begins from the left side.

There are few things you must include in the body of the letter. These are to be followed in order (top to bottom):

1. Date: include the date and day of writing the letter.

2. Sender’s Address: Here you must include sender’s address and email.

3. Inside Address: Here you must include address of the reader, to whom you are sending the letter.

4. Salutation: You must include colon at the end of salutation.

5. Body text: Here state the reason for writing, mention the solution, opinions

5. Closing “call to action”: This must include what the reader needs to do.

6. Signature: The closing with which you want to end the letter.

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