(January 2014): Write Articles Win Books for prelim, mains and interview, PLUS free notes for everyone – 26th Jan last date to submit


(January 2014): Write Articles Win Books for prelim, mains and interview, PLUS free notes for everyone – 26th Jan last date to submit

  1. Prologue
  2. Technical Requirements
  3. Where to send the article?
  4. Topic Requirements
  5. [Other category]
  6. Language Requirements:
  7. Good Faith Requirements:
  8. Prizes to Win
    1. Three books on Freedom Struggle (Bipin, Sumit, Rajiv)
    2. TMH General Studies Manual (English)
    3. Gandhi: A life (NBT)
    4. Separate author page for constant contribution
  9. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


After the grand success of writing competitions in in last four months, here comes the round for January 2014: Write an exam-oriented, revision-friendly article and get a chance to win five books

  1. Tata McGraw-Hill General Studies Manual 2014 (in ENGLISH)
  2. Bipin Chandra: India’s struggle for Independence (Penguin Publication)
  3. Sumit Sarkar: Modern India (1885-1947) (Macmilan Publication)
  4. Rajiv Ahir: Brief History of Modern India (Spectrum Publication)
  5. Gandhi: A life by Krishna Kripalani (NBT)

+ For constant high quality writers: an opportunity to have a separate author/bio page on Mrunal.org

Technical Requirements

  1. Article should be Minimum 3 pages long article in Times new roman size12 font.
  2. Must be in MS Word (.doc) format. Please don’t send PDF format. Word format helps the readers to merge, update, and compress information to suit their own revision requirements in future.
  3. At the bottom of your article, you must include following
    1. List of reference webpages URLs, reports and books you used to prepare the article.
    2. Your full name, Postal-address, email id and contact number. (Don’t worry, personal information will be removed before the articles are put on public domain.)
    3. Your “preference” for the Prize, if your article is chosen among top-5 winner. e.g. GS manual>Bipin>Sumit>Rajiv >Gandhi. (To decide preference- you may scroll down and see the review of those books.)
  4. Last date to submit: 26th January 2014, midnight.
  5. Result will be announced on 1st February 2014, based jury votes.

Where to send the article?

  1. On my gmail.com id
  2. In Email title, write “article submission” (that way my gmail automatically filters and puts them under a separate folder and helps me process it fast.)

Topic Requirements

  1. Should be relevent to UPSC civil service prelims, mains or interview.
  2. UNLESS you’ve lot of new information to add, please avoid writing on:
    1. Topics that are already covered under Mrunal.org (use the searchbox on top left corner)
    2. Topics neatly covered in Gold/platinum category articles previous months’ competitions. (some examples are internal security, food security, comparing Constitutions, bilateral relations with neighbours etc.) you can see previous month’s entries on this page: Mrunal.org/write2win
    3. generic essay topics such as Women empowerment, poverty removal, corruption removal, etc. UNLESS you’re making a super-duper comprehensive article with 12th FYP, government schemes, policies, current affairs etc.
  3. Avoid clichéd topics from current affairs e.g. FDI in Multibrand retail, Need for CBI autonomy, Lokpal etc.
  4. Avoid static topics that are already well-explained in the standard reference books e.g. Causes of 1857 mutiny, Gandhi-Irwin Pact, Cabinet Mission plan etc. in Bipin Chandra and Spectrum’s books; similarly Fundamental rights, various constitutional bodies etc. are neatly given in great M.Laxmikanth.
  5. Avoid lifting content from any competitive magazines, coaching-class material, blogs/sites for competitive exams. They’ll be rejected.
  6. Avoid Wikipedia unless in extreme case.
  7. You may use the content from newspaper websites, government/international organization sites, committee report etc. But please don’t just copypaste all paragraphs from there, try to summarize and condense the wisdom given in such article/report in your own words- in a layman friendly, revision friendly language.
  8. If you have doubt in topic selection, don’t hesitate from sending me a mail. but please don’t ask  “suggest me topic?”, you need to shortlist a few topics of your own, I can only tell which one should you write on.

[Other category]

Articles on following topics also welcome. They will be shared in the zip file for the benefit of everyone. (Although as such they’ll not be considered for prize unless exceptionally great quality. But still they’ll count in gold/platinum categorization for getting separate author page.)

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