Explain the structure of line organization. Also, discuss its disadvantages.

Explain the structure of line organization. Also, discuss its disadvantages.

Ans. Line organization is the simplest and earliest type of organization. It is also known as military or scalar organization. Structure of a line organization is given in fig. 1.4.

line organization


Line organization is based upon relative authority and responsibility rather than on the nature and kind of operation or activities. The authority flows directly from the Works Manager (WM) to Superintendent to Foreman (F/M) and from them to workers. Line organization is direct and people at different levels know to whom they are accountable. The immediate superior (or boss) gives instructions to the subordinates, assigns duties, dismisses and takes disciplinary action against them. Every enterprise which starts small probably starts with a line, type of organization. ,


(i) It is rigid and inflexible.

(ii) Being an autocratic system, it may be operational on an arbitrary, opinionated and dictatorial basis.

(iii) The loss of one or two capable men may cripple the entire organization.

(iv) There is unique reliance upon the skill and personnel knowledge of operators.

(v) Difficulty of operation occurs in large or complex enterprises.

(vi) Department heads carry out orders independently and often in accordance with their own whims and desires.

(vii) As division of labour is only incidental, crude methods may prevail because of lack of expert advise.

(viii) Foreman may offer resistance to much needed changes.

(ix) Key men are loaded to breaking point.

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