English Master Series Day – 22

English Grammar

English Master Series Day – 22

Dear aspirants,

Here we are with our twenty-second module of English Master Series. Hope this will surely help you with your English Language preparation. Here in this Module we will study aboutTricks of Conjunction .

English Grammar



Rule 1

And, As well as, Both….and,  Not only …. but also

These co-relatives are used to join nouns, pronouns, etc. but as far as adjectivesare concerned, they join two desirable or two undesirable adjectives but not a desirable adjective with an undesirable one.

Ex: He is not only dishonest but also lazy.

Rule 2

If two objects are joined by as well as, with, alongwith, and not, in addition to, but, besides, except, rather than, accompanied by, the verb agrees with the first subject.

Ex: Ram as well as his friends is coming.

Rule 3

Many times conjunctions  are used at wrong places. In a sentence, the conjunction must not be misplaced.

Ex: He cheated not only his friends but also his parents.

Rule 4

When conjunctions  are in pair, the pair must be correct.

Ex: so….as, Whether….or, as soon as, No sooner than, Until/ Unless…., lest ……should..


  • Though he worked hard but he failed. (incorrect)
  • Though he worked hard yet he failed. (correct)

Rule 5

So …..that, Too……to


  • I am so sleepy. (incorrect)
  • I am very sleepy. (correct)
  • It is too hot to go out.
  • This problem is so complicated that no one can solve it.
  • This problem is too complicated for anyone one to solve it.

Rule 6



Ex: Neither Ram nor Sam has come.

Rule 7

Neither of means none of the two. If more than two persons or things are present none of is used.

Either of means one of the two. If more than two persons or things are present one of is used.

Ex: None of his four sons looked after him.

Rule 8

As soon as…


  • As soon as he will come, I will call you up. (incorrect)
  • As soon as he comes, I will call you up. (correct)

NOTE : If two actions take place one after the other in future and if the second action depends on the first, the first action will be in simple present tense and the second action will be in future simple tense.

I hope this module will help you with your English Language preparation. We will come back soon with our next module and after each module there will be an Exercise based on the modules.

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