English Exercise on Tricks of Adjective

English Grammar

English Exercise on Tricks of Adjective

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Here in this article, we are providing an English Exercise on Tricks of Adjective based on our English Master Series Module -9. 

This Exercise will be very helpful while solving the questions of Spotting Errors and Fill in the blanks.

English Grammar


1. He is the most / intelligent and also/ the very talented student of the college. / No error.

2. Having been found /guilty of the theft/ Sunny was sentenced to five year’s imprisonment. / No error.

3. Alms / are given / to the poors. / No error.

4. Lasers are / indispensable tools  / for the delicate eyes surgery. / No error.

5. These sort of men / attain success by hook or by crook / so they do not deserve any applause . / No error.

6. Please_____________the grease____________the floor.

a)wipe, in    b)scour, off     c) take, from    d) remove, at

7. He is so___________ that everyone gives him a_____________berth at the parties.

a) insolent, side     b)rough, escape     c)boring, wide      d) rude, remote

8. The cashier along with his____________ has been indicted in a case of____________.

a) colleague, peculation     b)subordinate, fraudulent       c) accomplice, hoax     d) associate, embezzle

9. He committed_____________out of his hatred for his_____________.

a) fratricide, brother    b)homicide, sister   c)matricide, wife      d)suicide, agonise

10. Appropriate dosage of correct_______________will___________ the pain.

a) medicine, elude   b) drug, ameliorate   c)medicine, alleviate    d)recommend, lessen


1.  He is the most intelligent and also the most talented student of the college.

Explanation – If two Adjectives are joined by a conjunction, both the adjectives should be in the same degree. Hence use most intelligent with most talented.

2. Having been found guilty of the theft Sunny was sentenced to Five-year imprisonment.

Explanation –  Hyphenated Adjective is always in singular form.

3. Alms are given to the poor.

Explanation – The poor means the deprived people.

4. Lasers are indispensable tools for the delicate eye surgery.

Explanation – Eyes a noun acts as an adjective in eyes surgery because here eyes qualifiessurgery. If a noun works as an adjective, it must be in singular form.

5. These sorts of men attain success by hook or by crook so they do not deserve any applause .

Explanation – These is plural and hence will take sorts and not sort.

6. scour, off

7. boring, wide

8. colleague, peculation

9. fratricide, brother

10. medicine, alleviate

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