Discuss some commonly used applications of database system.

Discuss some commonly used applications of database system.


Ans. Databases are widely used. Here are some representative applications –

  1. Banking – For customer information, accounts and, loans, and banking transactions.
  2. Airlines – For reservations and schedule information. Airlines were among the first to use database in a geographically distributed manner – terminals situated around the world accessed the central database system through phone lines and other data networks.
  3. Universities – For student information, course registrations, and grades.
  4. Credit Card Transactions – For purchases on credit cards and generating monthly statements.
  5. Telecommunication – For keeping records of calls made, bills, maintaining balances on prepaid calling cards, and storing information about the communication networks.
  6. Finance – For storing information about holdings, sales and purchases of financial instruments such as stocks and bonds.
  7. Sales – For customer, product and purchase information.
  8. Manufacturing – For management of supply chain and for tracking production of items in factories, inventories of items in warehouses/stores, and orders for items.
  9. Human Resources – For information about employees, salaries, payroll taxes and benefits, and for generation of paychecks.

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