Daily Word-list from Newspapers

Daily Word-list from Newspapers

My dear friends,

In the present competitive scenario English plays a very important role in our day to day life. Thus it is essential to have a sound knowledge and understanding of English vocabulary. So here we are presenting you a list of 10 difficult words from today’s newspapers. This will help you to sail and score good marks in English Language section. We will provide Daily Word List on a regular basis.

Here is today’s list of words

1. Connivance – noun – agreement on a secret plot

Synonyms – collusion

Antonyms – quarrel, impermeability

E.g. – Due to the connivance of corrupt police officers, drug dealers have been able to sell drugs inside local schools.

2. Nettle – verb – to cause someone to become annoyed or angry

Synonyms – annoy, irritate

Antonyms – appease, mollify

E.g. – My employee’s habit of coming in to work late is starting to nettle me.

3. Idiosyncrasy – noun – behavior or way of thought specific to an individual.

Synonyms – mannerism, trait

Antonyms – normality, usualness

E.g. – An idiosyncrasy is what makes you unique from everyone else.

4. Attrition – noun – a decrease in the number of staff or personnel as a result of replacements not been hired when employees leave

Synonyms – reduction, wasting away

Antonyms – development, reinforcement

E.g. – As a result of teacher attrition, a lot of classrooms are overcrowded.

5. coerce – verb – to make someone do something by using force or threats

Synonyms – force, compel

Antonyms – admit, accommodate

E.g. – It is against the law for someone to coerce you into giving away your belongings.

6. Credence – noun – mental acceptances as true or real

Synonyms – belief, faith

Antonyms – distrust, disbelief

E.g. – Because the experiment had been performed over a hundred times, a great deal ofcredence was given to the results.

7. Hapless – adjective – unfortunate

Synonyms – unfortunate, unlucky

Antonyms – fortunate, lucky

E.g. – The hapless slaves were abused and forced to work without pay.

8. Dolorous – adjective – experiencing or displaying sadness or pain

Synonyms – sad, mournful

Antonyms – happy, delighted

E.g. – At the funeral, the dolorous widow could not stop crying.

9. Lampoon – noun – a written attack ridiculing a person, group, or institution

Synonyms – parody, caricature

Antonyms – praise, applaud

E.g. – Some writers seem to lampoon successful people out of envy.

10. Inalienable – adjective – not retrievable or transferable

Synonyms – unalienable, inviolable

Antonyms – negotiable, assignable

E.g. – At one time, South African minorities were not given the same inalienable privileges as their white counterparts.

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