Daily Word-list from Newspapers (18-01-16)

Daily Word-list from Newspapers (18-01-16)

My dear friends,

In the present competitive scenario English plays a very important role in our day to day life. Thus it is essential to have a sound knowledge and understanding of English vocabulary. So here we are presenting you a list of 10 difficult words from today’s newspapers. This will help you to sail and score good marks in English Language section. We will provide Daily Word List on a regular basis.

Here is today’s list of words

1. Unscrupulous – adjective – Dishonest or unfair – अनैतिक

Synonyms – dishonest, corrupt

Antonyms – moral, ethical

E.g. – The unscrupulous employer not only cut his worker’s pay, but also did not grant him a medical leave.

2. Malaise – noun – A feeling of unease – बेचैनी

Synonyms – discomfort, uneasiness

Antonyms – bliss, ecstasy

E.g. – During the 1930s, the resulting decrease in birthrates was closely linked to the economic malaise brought about by the Great Depression.

3. Excruciating – adjective – Very painful – अति दुखदाई

Synonyms – distressing, agonizing

Antonyms – bearable, endurable

E.g. – His leg injury caused him an excruciating pain.

4. Equity – Noun – Equality/ a stock or any other security representing ownership – समान हिस्सा

Synonyms – fairness, justice

Antonyms – inequity, unfairness

E.g. – There is no equity in the government’s tax cuts; only the rich benefit.

5. Beguile – verb– to attract or interest someone – खुशी से समय बिताना

Synonyms –  fool, trick

Antonyms – repel, turn off

E.g. – The car salesman tried to beguile the customer with an offer of free gas for a year.

6. Pernicious – adjective – To have a harmful effect – हानिकर

Synonyms – harmful, deleterious

Antonyms – harmless, healthy

E.g. – The pernicious influences of vote bank politics are leading to country’s downfall.

7. Abash – verb– Make ashamed, to embarrass – शर्मिंदा करना

Synonyms – embarrass, disconcert

Antonyms – brave, refresh

E.g. – I warn him, in a tone which ought to abash him, but doesn’t in the least.

8. Garrulous – adjective – Talkative, chatty – बातूनी

Synonyms – verbose, voluble

Antonyms –concise, mute

E.g. – Tom is gregarious and garrulous. He loves to hang out with the gang and gab.

9. Abate – verb – To reduce – रोक-थाम करना

Synonyms – diminish, lessen

Antonyms – intensify, increase

E.g. – The small boys on the bench had hadleisure to abate their ardour by this time.

10. Decimate – verb – To kill or destroy a large part of – बरबाद करना

Synonyms – annihilate, eradicate

Antonyms –construct, assemble

E.g. – When locusts attack a crop, they sometimes decimate it, leaving very little that’s fit for human consumption.

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