Daily Word-list from Newspapers (16-04-16)

Daily Word-list from Newspapers (16-04-16)

My dear friends,

In the present competitive scenario English plays a very important role in our day to day life. Thus it is essential to have a sound knowledge and understanding of English vocabulary. So here we are presenting you a list of 10 difficult words from today’s newspapers. This will help you to sail and score good marks in English Language section. We will provide Daily Word List on a regular basis.

Here is today’s list of words

1. Muddle – verb – to mess up or make confusing – गड़बड़

Synonyms –jumble, mess

Antonyms – order, clarify

E.g. – Not eating properly can muddle a person’s thought processes.

2. Innocuous – adjective – not harmful or offensive हानि करने वाला

Synonyms –innocent, harmless

Antonyms –harmful, deadly

E.g. –Because the virus was innocuous, the hospital staff had no need to worry about the leak.

3. Pittance – noun – a tiny amount of something भत्ता

Synonyms – mite, allowance

Antonyms – generosity, lot

E.g. – The housekeeper was unable to pay her bills with the pittance her employers paid her.

4. Evoke – verb – to bring a feeling, a memory or an image into your mind आह्वान करना

Synonyms –elicit, induce,

Antonyms –halt, quell

E.g. –This book was apparently designed to evoke an interest in ancient sculpture.

5. Interpolate – verb – to change something by adding material to it बैठाना

Synonyms – introduce, insert

Antonyms – delete, erase

E.g. – Today many singers interpolate their own words and music into classic songs in order to create new tunes.

6. Palliate – verb – to get rid of or alleviate – कम करना

Synonyms –mitigate, relieve

Antonyms – condemn, accuse

E.g. –The government believes stimulus checks will palliate some of the country’s economic issues.

7. Lexicon – noun – terminologies geared to a particular topic or specific group of people शब्द सूची

Synonyms – dictionary, vocabulary

E.g. – It is hard to understand what teenagers say because their lexicon is constantly changing.

8. Unfeigned – adjective – real; not pretense सच्चा

Synonyms – sincere, genuine

Antonyms – insincere, artificial

E.g. – Most reality shows are scripted and are not unfeigned.

9. Amenable – adjective – willing to comply or cooperate – जवाबदेही/आज्ञाकारी

Synonyms – compliant, manageable

Antonyms – defiant, disobedient

E.g. –Is this contract set in stone or is it amenable to change?

10. Cognition – noun – the mental courses by which one obtains knowledge through experiences and thoughts परोक्ष ज्ञान

Synonyms – knowledge, comprehension

Antonyms – ignorance, unawareness

E.g. – In order to process the environment for information, humans often go through several methods of cognition.

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