[CDS/SSB] Tips on interview stage: PPDT, group discussion, GTO tasks, tests, technical details, suggestions

SSB tasks and tests

[CDS/SSB] Tips on interview stage: PPDT, group discussion, GTO tasks, tests, technical details, suggestions

Strategy for Combined Defense Service (written stage), already given in a separate article click me. This current article deals with the interview stage (written by a guest author Mr.Ketankumar Patil.)

  1. Information Letter
  2. Date of reporting + Absentee Batch
  3. Travelling Allowance
  4. @the SSB centre
  5. Day#1: Two Tests
    1. #1: Officer Intelligence rating Test (OIR)
    2. #2: Picture perception and Discussion Test (PPDT)
    3. #3: Discussion Round
    4. Elimination after Group Discussion
    5. PIQ form
    6. How to behave in the center?
  6. Day#2: Four Tests
    1. Test#1: TAT thematic appreciation test
    2. Test#2: WAT- WORD Association Test
    3. Test#3: SRT-situation reaction test
    4. Test#4: SDT- Self description test
  7. Day#3 and 4: GTO Tasks (nine)
    1. Task#1: Group Discussion (GD)
    2. Task#2: GPE or MPE group/military planning exercise:-
    3. Task#3: progressive group task (PGT)
    4. Task#4: Snake race
    5. Task#5: Lecturette
    6. Task#6: half group task(HGT)
    7. Task#7: Individual obstacles
    8. Task#8: Command task
    9. Task#9: Final Group Task (FGT)
  8. Interviews

Information Letter

After the CDS results, there are three ways to confirm your Service Selection Board (SSB) interview:

  1. Common call up letter…(e mail) or Personal email
  2. Letter at your address
  3. you can find your name on the website www.Joinindianarmy.nic.in
  • In either case you must preserve your hall ticket and roll number till complete procedure gets over.
  • Before SSB interview, they will provide you information letter
  • You can see the copy here:


This letter contains information on

  1. Where to come
  2. When to come (timing of reporting)
  3. What to carry with you
  4. tests procedures
  5. instructions
  6. forms and formats of documents
  7. Every information you needs will be provided in that letter

So, read this letter like bible-koran-geeta and use it to check requirements before leaving you home for SSB. It’s first step towards success. Before leaving home, also make sure that you’re fullfilling all the medical standards required in CDS. Medical standards given in a separate article (click me)

Date of reporting + Absentee Batch

  • There are with two dates of reporting one is primary, secondary and last is absentee batch:  which is common for all absent candidates.
  • I will suggest go on primary as it will be easy to compete with 140 than 300 from absentee.(because bigger Crowd can give unwanted stress and tension!)
  • do utilize your absentee date if and only if you are having sufficient ground to go on absentee date.
  • There will no problem of assessing you even at absentee batch… “Do You Have It In You?” If you have it in you, they will find out. That was given in advertisement of CDS: so be sure of success if you have it!
  • If you are going for absentee batch carry, then your certificate (social-educational problem) with original reason. That’s only extra thing you need to carry with you.

Travelling Allowance

  • They will be providing you TA if you are going for that specific entry first time only (for that you need to keep all you original tickets with you and hardcopies only.)
  • Habitual visitors are paid by papa bank only!
  • Take wishes from family for success and journey. Real journey begins now.
  • CDS… keep it it mind… really in mind… you need to be “cultured –dominant-still-social” (cds) now onwards ….

@the SSB centre

  • When You reach the station, you will find mela of compatriots who came from pan India and everybody is waiting for officers vehicle to receive you.
  • Time of arrival of bus may be late by nearly  1 hour to collect all  future officers at a time!
  • Warning-!! don’t mess up with gyani babas who visited SSB many times. Listen to their advice but proceed with your own ways. But don’t neglect/avoid/disrespect others because some of them will be with you for various GTO tasks after the screening day, and to succeed in those tasks, you need to be a team player.
  • When you are entering bus take a pinch on yourself and warn you will be fellow who will be there for next 15 days. (Those who clear all process are stay for near about 10-15 days ).
  • So be sure about your success. When you reach there, they will show up you all your rooms
  • After getting refreshed, you all will be called up to one big hall for instructions, documents collection
  • At that time they will provide you some forms like identification form ,TA form for first timers,etc and photos on forms
  • so go prepared from your room with all necessary things with you.
  • They will provide you chest numbers(that’s your identity now. Yor going to get 3 numbers in complete process)
  • Then afterwards you will be given nashta (samosa-wadapaw-cake) you will enjoy this but boss this is paid thing, the vendor will note your chest number and ask you money when you will be leaving!

SSB tasks and tests

Day#1: Two Tests

Next day will be of screening tests. It is made up of following:

  1. Officer Intelligence rating Test (OIR)
  2. Picture perception and Discussion Test (PPDT)

#1: Officer Intelligence rating Test (OIR)

  • OIR test will consist of verbal and nonverbal tests
  • 40 or sometimes 50 questions with multiple options
  • time 15 to 18 minutes
  • These questions will be of class 10 level. so don’t worry and bang it with good set of skills.
  • No negative marking so solve max. questions.
  • There are chances your paper will be marked by previous students but neglect it and have your own answer.

#2: Picture perception and Discussion Test (PPDT)

  • As you finish the Officer Intelligence rating Test (OIR), they will provide you blank sheet and you will shown a blurred picture and you need to write story on the basis of picture you saw.
  • The test paper looks something like following:

SSB CDS PPDT testpaper

Area What to write?
A1 Your personal details
  1. about characters location
  2. age,sex,mood of character
  3. in opposite to this you need to mention what is action you saw in picture
B writing story here.

this complete process will be done in just 4.30 minutes.

How to write the story?

  • your story must be good in grammatical sense
  • It should portray message from your personality
  • It should speak about human emotions and actions
  • Must be written in officers way
  • Good expression, artistic touch will be appreciated
  • your need to weave story about hero and team. He must be accompanied by team.
  • your story should convey three phases:
  1. What has happened?
  2. What is happening?
  3. What will happen?

And they will collect your answersheets and call you in groups for the discussion round.

The Discussion Round

The seating arrangement of the discussion round, looks like following:

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