wireless and mobile communication

Describe wireless propagation modes and explain how a signal radiated along these modes ?

Ans a signal radiated from an antenna travels along one of three routes- ground wave, sky wave, or line of sight (LOS). Generally we are concerned with LOS communication, a short overview of propagation modes are given below- (i) Ground wave propagation – ground wave [...]

what are the different configuration parameters to adapt the wireless environment?

Ans. In wireless environment the main parameters to achieve the wireless environment is the transmission and reception of an antenna, the antenna radiates electromagnetic energy into the medium (usually air), and for reception, the antenna picks up electromagnetic waves from the surrounding medium. There [...]

Discuss the need of wireless system in contrast with the conventional communication system.

Ans. The main reason of developing a wireless system and deploying it in several cities is the operational limitation of conventional mobile telephone systems, such as poor service performance, limited service capability and inefficient frequency utilization. Poor service performance – in the past, a [...]

what are the unconventional applications of wireless networks?

Ans. Wireless networks find their applications in the following application environments- Vehicles- today’s car already comprise some, but tomorrow’s car will comprise several wireless communication systems and mobility aware application. Road conditions, weather reports, music, news, and other broadcast information are received via digital audio [...]

write drown a brief introduction of wireless networks.

Ans. The term wireless refers to connection by ratio. The wireless communication is independent of physical connection. The wireless networks differ mainly in their physical layer from their fixed counterpart. The transmission of data takes place using electromagnetic waves which propagate through space, reflected, [...]