principles of management and managerial economics

Explain in brief, the factors affecting productivity of resources. Or What are the factors which affect the productivity of resources ?

Ans. Productivity is the result of a variety of interdependent and interrelated factors. It is very difficult to measure the effect of any one factor separately. Some of the factors which exert profound effect on the. level of productivity are given as follows- (i) Natural [...]

What are the peculiarities of land as a factor production ?

Ans. The peculiarities of land as an economic resource are given as follows (i) Gift of Nature- Although land. i~ a free gift of nature with limited and fixed supply, yet it is not available free 0f cost. Market price of land comes into existence [...]

Explain the main contributors to productivity improvement. Or Write short note on ‘improving productivity’.

Ans. The main contributors to productivity improvement are as follows - (i) Proper Planning and Scheduling - It help to utilizes men, machines and materials to increase productivity. (ii) Measurement Skill- Good supervision and management avoids production inefficiency and inefficient purchasing, maintenance and incorrect specifications for [...]

What is a production system ? What are tire measures of labour productivity and cost productivity ?

Ans. Production System - A production system is the design process by which elements are transformed into useful products. A process is an organized procedure for accomplishing the conversion of input into output, as shown in fig. 5.3. Ans. There are the following types of [...]

How productivity can be measured?

Ans. Productivity can be measured in such a way that it clearly reflects the imp-ordnance, and there must not be any ambiguities about the measurements of inputs and outputs Productivity is measured by different methods in various concerns - (i) In service industries basic difficulty is [...]

Explain the types of productivity measurement.

Ans. There are the following types of productivity measurement- (i) Direct Cost Productivity- All the items of direct cost associated with resources are aggregated on a monetary value basis. (ii) Energy Productivity - Only the amount of energy consumed is considered as the resource. All the [...]

Discuss in detail the measures you would suggest for increasing the Productivity of resources. Or Write a detailed note on increasing productivity of resources. Or How can an organization firebase the productivity of resources? Write in brief

Ans. To increase the productivity of resources means, getting more number of goods from the same amount of resources. (i) Material - Materials must be used in industries to get good productivity. Industries in which the cost of raw material is a big percentage . [...]

What factors affect the productivity of labour? Explain the significance of productivity in India.

Ans- Factors Affecting Productivity of Labour- Following factors influence the productivity of labour- (i) Racial Qualities- Racial blood of a worker is said to influence his efficiency. For example, workers from Punjab and Haryana can do any kind of physical work efficiently and are hard [...]

Write short note on a factor affecting productivity. Or What are the factors affecting productivity Discuss.

Ans. There are two types of factors which affect the productivity - (i) Factors Affecting National Productivity - (a) Human Resources- In national productivity, the general level of education is an important factor. The use of computers and other sophisticated equipment and systems need~ better educated [...]

What is meant by productivity of resources ? Explain the importance of productivity in India.

Ans. Productivity is nothing but the reduction in wastage of resources. It may be defined as the ratio between output and input. Output means the amount produced or the number of items produced and inputs are the various resources employed, e.g., land and building, [...]

Write short note on human resource management.

Ans. Human Resource Management - Human resource management determines how the organization should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position through planning management strikes to have the right number and the right kind of people at the right places, at [...]

What are the components of productivity measurement system ?

Ans. Following are the basic compliments of productivity measurement system- (i) A list of outputs of the organization in units form. (ii) For each type of output, standard time, standard cost, raw material 1 use, equipment use and tool use etc. . (iii) A statement of the [...]