UPSC English paper Mains 2013

[Download] Compulsory English 2013 Question Paper of UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam + last 17 years as Bonus(1997-2013)

Compulsory English: 2012 vs 2013 2013: Compulsory English Paper Essay (100m) Comprehension (50m) Précis #1 (60m) Précis #2 (40m) Make sentences (10m) Antonym (5m) Sentence Correction (10m) Do as directed (15m) Fill in the Blanks (10m) Download previous papers (1997-2013)? Compulsory English: 2012 vs [...]


[Download] General Studies Paper1:(History,Geography) of UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam 2013, topicwise separated, original-scan uploaded

Prologue Topicwise Breakup General Studies Paper1- Topic wise Culture (20m) World History (40 marks) Freedom Struggle (30 marks) Post-Independence (50marks) Sociology block related (40marks) Geography (70 marks) General Studies Paper1: Linear format General studies Paper 1: Original Scan/Hindi Medium Bogus marketing propaganda Prologue For [...]


[Download] General Studies Paper2:(Polity, IR) of UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam 2013, topicwise separated, original-scan uploaded

Prologue General Studies Paper II: Topicwise Polity(80m) Indian Constitution (40m) Fedaralism (30m) Statutory Bodies (10m) Yearbook/Planning/Development(70m) Welfare Schemes (50m) NGO/SHG/Pressure Group (20m) Transparency/ Good Governance (20m) IR/Diplomacy (80m) Neighbours (60m) Policies of countries (10m) Intl.Organizations (10m) General Studies Paper II: Linear General Studies [...]


[Download] General Studies Paper3:(Economy, Agro, Disaster, Sci-Tech) of UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam 2013, topicwise separated

Prologue GS3 Question Paper: Topicwise Economy (60m) Agro and Food Processing (50m) Environment+Disaster 45m Sci-tech 45m Internal security (50m) GS3 Question Paper: Linear GS3: Original Scan / Hindi Medium Bogus marketing propaganda Prologue For UPSC Civil services Mains-2013 Question pears: GS1 click me; for [...]


[Download] General Studies Paper4: Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude, 20% repeat questions from UPSC’s own sample paper

Prologue Repeated Qs. from official sample paper! Section 1: theory/definitions [125m] #1: Term/Definition based questions (35m) #2: Personal opinion/Experience based (40m) #3: Quote Based Questions (50m) Section-B Case Studies [125m] Case#1: RTI: To hide or not to hide (20m|250w) Case#2: Engineer: Bogus flyover [...]

IFoS Mains GK Paper 2014

[Download] IFoS Mains 2014 General Knowledge Paper: 33% questions from

Analysis How to approach IFoS-Mains-2015 2014 IFoS Mains GK Question paper: History Questions (50m) Economy Questions (50m) Environment Questions (50m) Polity Questions (50m) IR/Diplomacy Questions (50m) Science tech/ IT awareness Questions (50m) Analysis of IFoS Mains GK paper Bcoz Chest-thumping & Bogus marketing propaganda is [...]

IFoS 2014 Mains English paper: internal breakup analysis

[Download] IFoS Mains 2014 English Language Paper: 0% Questions from

How to prepare for 2015? Instructions Essay 100m Letter and Report writing writing 50m Précis writing 50m Comprehension 50m Grammar 50 marks Sentence correction 10m Sentence formation 10m Idioms 10m Nouns and Adjectives 10m Do as directed 10m How to prepare for IFoS-2015 English? IFoS [...]

Analysis-Compulsory English 2014

[Download] UPSC Mains-2014: Compulsory English language paper +Last 18 years paper from 1997 to 2014

Comparison: English 2013 vs 2014 Paper Instructions for 2014 English Paper Essay 100 marks Comprehension 75 marks Précis 75 marks Sentence Correction 10m Fill in the blanks 15m Antonyms 5m Sentence re-writing 10m Sentence formation 10m Download all English papers from 1997 to [...]


[Download] UPSC Mains-2014: GS1- Culture, History, Geography and Social issues

Analysis Instructions Culture (40m) Indian History (30m) World History (30m) Social issues (50m) Geography (100m) Industrial Location (30m) Physical Geography (20m) Climatology (30m) Resource distribution (20m) Mains-2014 GS1 Question Paper: Linear format Bogus Marketing Propaganda Analysis of Mains-2014 GS1 Paper Word limit reduced but [...]

GS3 Mains 2014 Paper Analysis

[Download] UPSC Mains-2014: GS2-Polity, Governance, Policies, Schemes, International Bodies, Diplomacy

Analysis INSTRUCTIONS for General studies paper-2 (GS2) Constitution (50m) Governance, Administration, Bodies (30m) Policies: Economic sectors (20m) Policies: HRD /Welfare type (50m) IR/Diplomacy (50m) Question Paper: Linear Format Bogus marketing propaganda Analysis Overall, same like GS1- wordlimit decreased but vagueness and complexity increased. But some [...]

Analysis UPSC General Studies Mains Paper 2014

[Download] UPSC Mains-2014: General Studies Paper 3: Economy, Agriculture, Science Tech, Environment & Internal security

GS3: 2014 paper itself General Studies Paper III in 2013 vs 2014 Economy (5 Qs | 62.5 marks) Infrastructure & investment (2 Qs | 25 marks) Agriculture (2 Qs | 25 marks) Science Tech (3 Qs | 37.5 marks) Environment (3 Qs | [...]

Analysis UPSC Mains Ethics 2014

[Download] UPSC Mains-2014: General Studies Paper 4- Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude (GS4)

2014 Ethics paper: Types of questions 2013 vs. 2014 trend Instructions for Mains Ethics 2014 paper SECTION—A (Bol-bachchan Questions) 130m SECTION—B (Stupid case studies) 120m Case: Environment degradation (20m) Case: Ethics not essential (20m) Case: Bogus rape complaint (20m) Case: give bribe or [...]