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Timeline Gandhi in South Africa 1

[World History] Gandhi in South Africa, Transvaal March, Zulu War, Boer War, civil rights movement

Gandhi in South Africa Gandhi: 1890s till 1900s Gandhi in Boer War (1899) Gandhi in Zulu Wars (1906) 1913-14: The Peak of protests Transvaal March 1913 Sugarcane Protests December Enquiry Evaluation of Gandhi in S.Africa #1: Gandhi as an “Integrationist” #2: Gandhi, the [...]

Jallikattu Supreme court ban

[Festivals] JalliKattu Supreme Court Ban, Anayottam Race, Anavaal Pidi & other South Indian festivals

JalliKattu: Guidelines by SC + Government Anayottam race Anavaal pidi Ritual In this article, we shall see certain South Indian festivals. JalliKattu: Guidelines by SC + Government UPDATE: In May 2014, SC Banned Jallikattu altogether, this article was written before that happened. Q.What is Jaliikattu? List the [...]

Hoysala Temple Architecture 2

[Temples] Hoysala Architecture, Padmanabhaswamy treasure, Australian Nataraja

Hoysala Temple Architecture Kirtinarayan Temple (Hoysala) Padmanbhaswami temple Controversy Temple Treasures Gopal Subraminum’s Report Australian Nataraja from Chola temple Hoysala Temple Architecture Topic in news because ASI restored Kirtinarayan Temple. (GS1) Q.Write a short note on Hoysala Temple Architecture (200 words) Location Peak during 11th to 14th [...]

Suharawardi Sarat Bose agreement formula bengal pact

[Freedom Struggle] Suhrawardy-Sarat Bose agreement, Bengal Pact, Features, Consequences

Events leading to Bengal Pact Bengal Pact: Features Why Bengal Pact failed? Events leading to Bengal Pact Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy, then CM of Bengal supported the “Two nation” theory and Pakistan. But He feared India will get Bengal’s industrialized regions and Calcutta, while (East) [...]

Culture Arab Serai Delhi

[Architecture] Arab Serai restoration, Rani ki Vaav UNESCO Heritage, Bara Imambara Shrine, Bidriware Metalcraft

Arab Serai: Restoration by ASI Rani ki Vaav, Patan Bara Imambara shrine Bidriware Metal craft Arab Serai: Restoration by ASI Why in news? Because Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) began its restoration along with Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) A traveller’s lodge / inn [...]

[Freedom Struggle] Bhagat Singh bogus FIR, Tatya Tope 200th Anniversary

Tatya Tope: 200th Birth Anniversary Bhagat Singh: Bogus FIR Mock Questions for CSAT In this page, we look at two noted revolutionaries who fought for India’s struggle for independence. Tatya Tope: 200th Birth Anniversary full name: Ramchandra Pandurang Tope 1814: Born near Nasik, in a [...]

[Architecture] Satvahan Kings- Empire, Architecture, Scupltures and Tantric worshipping

Brief Profile of Satvahan dynasty Tantric Worshipper Satvahan Kings Satvahan Architecture Sculpture @Sarnath CSAT Sample MCQs Satvahana Dynasty: Brief Introduction Puranic literature calls them “Andhra-jati”. Greek Ambassador Megasthenes’ book “Indica” says- Satvahan had a might army and 30 forts. Ptolemy’s book also mentions Satvahan [...]

[Religion] Shuddhi Sabha, Tanzim Bodies, Tablighi Jamat, Deobandh, Love Jihad

Shuddhi sabhas and tanzim bodies Tablighi Jamat and Deobandh Love Jihad Shuddhi sabhas and tanzim bodies Earlier, if a Hindu converted to another religion, he was not allowed to return back. Swami Shradhananda and Swami Dayananda Saraswati propagated suddhi movement- to accept people back [...]

Warren Hastings Maharaja Nandkumar

[Entry of Europeans] Thuggee in British India, Whistleblower Maharaja Nandakumar, Tipu Sultan

Prologue Thuggee in British India Maharaja Nandakumar: 1st Whistleblower of India? Tipu Sultan and his Ring vs. East India Company Prologue I’m in process of restructuring new and old articles to make site more revision friendly. You can see the entire Archive at [...]

Model Answer World History Set1

[Model Answers] World History Set#1: American, French & Industrial revolution by Roman Saini

Prologue Q1. Fall of Bastille Q2. American Revolution & Crony Capitalism Q3. Industrial revolution About the author Prologue Hey friends, this is Dr.Roman Saini (AIR-18, CSE-2013). I’m undergoing Foundation Course at LBSNAA, Mussoorie and having an awesome time -will share all the fun details [...]

Unification of Germany and Italy

[Model Answers] World History Set#2: League of Nations, Unification of Germany & Italy, Seeds of WW1 by Roman Saini

Prologue Q4. Germany vs Italy unification Q5: Towards First World War Q6: League of Nations Prologue Hi friends, this is Roman again. Hope your mains preparation are at its peak. I had the opportunity to give a TEDXtalk on “How to crack world’s toughest exam”. Click me [...]

[Current Topiclist] December Week4: Only Topiclist, Content later

IR-Diplomacy, Internal Security Dec.W1 DecW4: IR Diplomacy Economy, Banking, Infra, Schemes Dec.W1 DecW4: Economy Polity, RPA & rights issues Dec.W1 DecW4: Polity Environment & Biodiversity Dec.W1 DecW4: Environment-Biodiversity Mock Questions for Mains Science Tech, IT, Medical and Defense Dec.W1 DecW4: Science Tech, Medical, [...]