[Current] Sept-2016: Environment, Agriculture, Space, Public Healthcare, ICT: Scramjet, SCATSAT, 3DR; Kibali Summit & More

Prologue Environment & Agriculture: Sept-2016 Ratification of Paris Summit Kigali summit and HFCs Env: Disasters and Typhoons Env: Pollution & Energy Env: Flora-Fauna Agriculture Public Healthcare: Sept-2016 Mosquito & Fever related Genetics related Innovation and Research Yearbook type Space-Tech: Sept-2016 Mobile & IT: [...]

[Biodiversity] Meaning and Types of Species+ Mock Questions for CSAT

What is biodiversity? Keystone species Sentinel species: frogs Blue whales Non-native species Vultures and diclofenac What is biodiversity hotspot? Plant biodiversity and Green Revolution Cites: convention on international trade What is Biodiversity? Biodiversity = biological diversity. It means number and variety of plants and animals. [...]

in-situ and ex-situ conservation

[EnB] Biodiversity: In-situ and Ex-situ methods of Conservation, Difference between Wildlife sanctuary and National Park

What is biodiversity conservation? In-situ biodiversity conservation (Natural Home) Difference between a national park, wildlife Sanctuary, and a biosphere reserve Ex-Situ biodiversity conservation (artificial home) Seed Banks Zoos Decision Making question in CSAT Paper-II Botanical Gardens (Ex-situ) What is biodiversity conservation? First, what is biodiversity: [...]

Shale Gas Deposit-Diagram

[Environment] Shale Gas: Advantages and limitations as an Energy source

What is Shale Gas? What’re its Advantages? What’re its limitations? What is Shale Gas? Shale gas is natural gas formed from being trapped within shale formations. Shale gas—an “unconventional” source of methane, like coal-bed gas (in coal seams) and tight gas (trapped in rock [...]

Map India Landslide Earthquake prone areas

[Environment] Landslides in Himalayas: Reasons, Solutions

Classification of Himalayas Hazards in the Himalayan Eco-System Regions and disasters Landslides: Reasons Landslides: Damage Suggestions to fix problem E1: Avalanche Mitigation Classification of Himalayas Three main geological divisions of India. Himalayas, also known as the Extra-Peninsula Indo-Gangetic Plains Peninsula Further, Himalayas classified via two methods: Method [...]

Biofertilizers classification

[Agriculture] BioFertilizers & Green Manure: Meaning, use, advantages, disadvantages

Biofertilizers Examples of BioFertilizers: Pros and Cons Green Manure Examples of Green Manure Pros and Cons of Green Manure? Advantages Disadvantage What is Biofertilizer? Biofertilzier is a substance containing living microorganisms. It can be applied to seed, plant surfaces, or soil. Biofertilizer improves the [...]

Carbon trading in Kyoto Protocol

[Climate Change] Kyoto Protocol, Carbon Trading, Copenhagen Accord: Meaning, Explained

What is Rio Summit/ Earth Summit ? What is the UNFCCC? What is Conference of the Parties (COP)? What is Kyoto Protocol? What is “common but differentiated responsibilities”? Annex Kyoto protocol: How does it actually work? #1 Emissions Trading / Carbon Trading #2 [...]

Rio +20 summit on Sustainable development

[Treaties] RIO +20 Summit: Meaning, Outcomes and India’s Stand at RIO +20, Sustainable Development

What is Rio+20? Objectives of RIO+20? What is sustainable development? Rio 20: 2 Themes Rio 20: Seven priority areas Rio 20: India’s stand No commitment WTO subsidy Give us the damn secret technology! Green stimulus packages Don’t lecture us in Subsidy Don’t lecture [...]

[Polity] Indecent Representation of Women: IRWA Act amendment

What is IRWA? Why do we need to amend it? Proposed amendments Critiques of IRWA amendment Constitutional angle: What is IRWA? Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, (IRWA) was enacted 1980. Why? Ans. To prohibiting the indecent representation of women through advertisement, publication, writing, [...]

[Economy] 9% GDP and 4% Agriculture growth: Fodder material for Essay and Interviews

What is the theme of 12th Five Year plan? What are the main targets of 12th FYP? Government’s role in Development Time Factor Inflation Exports Policy environment Labour Reducing the fiscal deficit Strategy #1: Increase revenues Strategy#2: Reduce non-Plan expenditure. Railways: Cross subsidization [...]

hybrid car

[Economy] Ethanol Blending in Petrol: meaning, benefits & limitations; Hybrid cars & Intelligent Transport

What is Ethanol fuel / Gasohol? Pro-argument for Ethanol Blending? Anti-argument against Ethanol Blending? Gasohol system in India and abroad What is National Automotive Board (NAB)? What is National Mission for Electric Mobility (NMEM)? What is a Hybrid vehicle? What is Intelligent Transport [...]

[Question Paper] Geography Mains 2012 Paper 1 & 2 of UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS Exam

Geography Mains 2012 (Paper 1) Geography Mains 2012 (Paper II) Geography Mains 2012 (Paper 1) Geography Paper 1 SECTION – A 1. Write short notes on the following in about 150 words each: Palaeozoic glacial evidence for Continental Drift. Systems approach to landform analysis. Compare and [...]