Topper mains answer-writing

[Revision] GS1 Economy: Urbanization, Globalization; Population, Poverty, Development issues

Prologue [Block-1] Urbanization, Globalization Urbanization problems and remedies Globalization: impact on Indian Society Culture-Lifestyle: Good Culture-Lifestyle: Bad Eco-Env: GOOD Eco-Env: BAD [Block-2] Population, Poverty, Development issues Human Development report (UNDP) Financial inclusion for poverty removal Population policy 2000 Demographic dividend National youth policy [...]

Government Policies

[Revision] GS2 Economy: MAKE in India, Government Policies-Interventions for Manufacturing, Factories, Labour, Skill Development

Prologue [Block 1] Policies New Industrial policy 1991 National MFG policy 2011 National IT policy 2012 New Telecom Policy 2012 [Block-2] Make in India (MII) Why Make in India? MII: FIVE-mechanism IPR protection (GS3) [Block-3] Labor Factory reforms Why need factory/labour reforms Factory [...]

IMF quota reforms

[Revision] GS2: Economy- IR/Diplomacy/Treaties-Agreements affecting India’s ECONOMIC INTERESTS

Prologue [Block 1] Economic Bodies-IMF, BRICS Bank, AIIB Why IMF quota-governance reforms Why need BRICS, AIIB? BRICS Bank, Shanghai AIIB, Beijing UNICITRAL: [Block-2] WTO, treaties affecting Indian interests WTO: structure-function WTO: SPS agreement [Block-3] WTO AoA, Peace Clause, Food subsidies, TFA, Bali WTO: [...]

gs3 Planning Commission

[Revision] GS3: Economy-Planning, Budgeting, Resource mobilization & Farm subsidies

Prologue [Block-1] Planning commission (PC) why replace? Modi’s NDRC Productivity commission SriKrishna’s FSLRC New Financial sector regulators PDMA Debt Management PJ Nayak Committee [Block-2] Budgeting reforms Bud1: FM 4 kharchaa-Paani Bud2: Feedback Loop Bud3: Curbing fiscal deficit FD1: Disinvestment Keypoints FD2: Fuel subsidies [...]

PPP financing

[Revision] GS3: Infrastructure, Coal Scam, BlackMoney, G20-BEPS, Bitcoins

Prologue [Block-1] PPP finance for Infra [Block-2] Infra: Roads and Highways R1: E-toll collection R2: Highway finance PPP: BOT vs EPC [Block-3] Infra: Aviation A1: Draft aviation policy: 2014 A2: Aviation: No frills airport [Block-4] Infra: Railways and Shipping Fuel linked tariff policy [...]

UPSC mains hallticket

[Mains-2014] Vehicle-pooling, Lodging, Centre Address doubts

UPSC has uploaded Mains Halltickets for 2014 exam. Click me to download Timetable unchanged, despite rumors of state-election and model code of conduct. If problem, contact Email: uscsp-upsc@nic.in; web-upsc@nic.in Unhelpdesk numbers: 23385271, 23098543, 23381125 Telephone Directory of senior officials: click me. Accommodation / car pooling @Mains-2014 players: Please Post your [...]

How Ebola Spreads

[Revision] GS2/GS3: Public Health Special: Indigenization of Medical Technology, Medical-Gadgets applications

[Block-1] Diseases D1: Ebola Nigeria Model: How to end Ebola? India and Ebola D2: Malaria D3: Kala-Azar: revised strategy D4: TB related D5: Pneumonia and Diarrhea: D6: Dementia / Alzheimer’s D7: LASIK Surgery D8: Drug Pricing NPPA D9: Drugs and diseases: misc. [Block-2] [...]

Robotics: New Developments

[Revision] GS3 Science-Tech: Biotechnology, Robotics, Nanotech, Computer/IT awareness, Space-tech, Agro, Defense

[Block-1] Biotechnology Biotechnology bill 2013 Genetically modified crops Pro-GM-crops Anti GM-crops GM crops in India [Block-2] Robotics [Block-3] Nanotechnology Google-X Nanoparticles Nanotechnology: theory [Block-4] computer / Internet related Internet security Hardware APPS/Portals [Block-5] Space-Tech ISRO MARS Mission IRNSS-Desi GPS NASA and others [Block-6] [...]