Basic Computer Engineering

Write the advantages and disadvantages of the different computer generations .

Ans.  First generation computers -  The major advantages of first generation computers are as follows –   They were the fastest calculating devices of their time. They were able to execute complex mathematical problems in an efficient manner.   Some of the disadvantages of first generation computers [...]

Explain the difference between four generations of computers and in what way each generation was better than earlier.

Over the years, many computing devices were invented that are used by the humans to solve different types of problems. All these computing devices can be classified into five generations which refer to the  phases of improvement made to different computing devices resulted in [...]

what is a computer ? What are the characteristics of computer and the limitations computer ?

Ans. A computer may be defined as an electronic machine that can solve problem by accepting data, performing certain operation and presenting the results  of those operations under the direction of detailed step-by-step instruction. Such a set of sequenced instructions, which cause a computer [...]