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Daily Current Affairs – 27th February, 2016

Economic Survey 2015-16: A snapshot Background: Painting an optimistic picture of the economy despite the grim prospects for global growth, this year’s Economic Survey sees India getting on to the 8-10 per cent GDP growth trajectory over the next few years. To realise this potential [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 3rd May, 2016

Uttarakhand forest fires Often unquantified, the social and economic impacts of forest fires are considerable: lives are lost, health problems occur, animals are killed and the environment suffers The disaster: Lives lost: 5 Land gutted by forest fire: Almost 1,600 acres of land (hundreds of villages/clusters) Forest Fire in [...]

[Public Health] Current Affairs 2012-13: Mock Questions (Part 3 of 3)

This is the third and last article, on Current affairs related to Public Healthcare. Part 1: Polity, laws, policies, bills, yearbook (schemes)+ any current affairs related to that. click me Part 2: Current affairs related to major diseases (AIDS, TB, Cancer, Heart), and other [...]

[Economic Survey Ch12] Sustainable Development, Climate Change (Part 3 of 3): PAT, RPO, REC, Cap-n-trade

Climate financing Taxation Subsidies Funds and Technology Transfers International Funds Desi Funds Market Based PAT RPO REC Cap n Trade vs Carbon Tax Green National Accounts Clean Energy challanges Nuclear Wind Power Solar Power Mock Questions Climate financing In all convention/conferences/protocols related to environment, climate [...]

[Location Factors] Plantation industry & types in Asia & Africa, Cocoa Triangle

Prologue Plantations: Why? Types of Plantation crops Factor: Gestation Factor: Price shocks Cocoa Ghana, Cocoa Triangle Factor: Bean Processing Prologue In the last three articles, we saw geographical factors that affect the location of timber and fish industry; Natural fibers: wool, cotton, silk and jute [...]

bank PO interview questions

[IBPS] Interview Preparation (Part 1 of 5) Stop Feeling Guilty and Tell me about yourself, Stupid cutoffs and Insecurities about Profile

Prologue Stop feeling guilty Guilt#1: Low score in IBPS Written Reason #1: reliable work horses Reason #2: Learning XP Reason #3: CAT Guilt#2: Insecurity about “Profile” Guilt#3: Personal issues Measures to become guilt free: How to handle Bank interview? Tell me something about [...]

Bangladesh Teesta Watersharing & Terrorism

[Water Diplomacy] Teesta River Agreement between India & Bangladesh: Why Controversy?

As such an old topic but came in news against because Mamata’s election rallies in India & Protests in Bangladesh. Geography of Teesta River Teesta originates from Kangse Glacier, Charamu Lake in Sikkim, most of its catchment area lies in India. It enters Bangladesh, joins [...]