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Land garb by China in Himalayan region, Women farmers in India needs attention,Current Affairs 21st June, 2017

Land garb by China in Himalayan region Introduction: China has been effectively using its civilians and consequently army troops to further its expansion into the Indian soil. Bite by kilometre-size bite, China is eating away at India’s Himalayan borderlands. From Shyok, the northernmost border village in [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 25th February, 2017

Right to education: Need of proper implementation It’s been eight years since the Right to Education Act, 2009, came into force. The RTE Act has been touted to be a landmark legislation that seeks to realise the fundamental right to education for all children [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 14th September, 2016

UNICEF Report- “Uprooted: The Growing Crisis for Refugee and Migrant Children”   The UNICEF report presents a sobering picture of the lives and situations of millions of children and families affected by violent conflict and other crises that make it seem safer to risk everything on [...]

Bubble Sorting with example in C/C++/Java

Bubble sorting is one of the simplest sorting algorithm that we can use to sort an array or a structure. Though it is so simple to implement in a C program, bubble sort is also considered as an inefficient sorting algorithm. Bubble sort comes handy in [...]

[BES16] Economic Survey → Sectors →Labour, EPFO Regulatory Cholesterol, Startup India, DPP-2016, Textile Shift

BES164/P4: Types of unemployment, EPF Regulatory Cholesterol BES164/P5: Startup India Standup India, Shishu, Kishor, Tarun, DPP-2016, Textile Shift BES164/P4: Types of unemployment, EPF Regulatory Cholesterol Various types of involuntary unemployment: Cyclical, Frictional, Disguised unemployment, Seasonal, Under-employment, Educated, Technological, Open / structural unemployment and CDS-2013 [...]

Exclusive-NOR Gate Tutorial

Exclusive-NOR Gate Definition However, an output “1” is only obtained if BOTH of its inputs are at the same logic level, either binary “1” or “0”. For example, “00” or “11”. This input combination would then give us the Boolean expression of:  Q = (A     B) = A.B + A.B In other words, the [...]