Author - Devendra Vishwakarma

The growth track is near, Providing safety-net: Pension for all Current Affairs 9th June, 2017

The growth track is near In news: Recently, the National Income for 2016-17 were released. The data forms a part of the ‘Provisional Estimates of Annual National Income 2016-17 and Quarterly Estimates of Gross Domestic Product 2016-17’ released by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme [...]

Nuclear electricity: Expensive, Hazardous and Antithetical to equity, India-EU FTA- what ails it and way forward Current Affairs 7th June, 2017

Nuclear electricity: Expensive, Hazardous and Antithetical to equity Why in news? The government has recently approved the construction of ten 700 MW Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors (PHWRs).  Even though the PHWRs are expensive, the department of atomic energy persists with them because it lacks the expertise [...]

April 2017 Monetary policy review, Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana: Assessment Current Affairs – 7th April, 2017

April 2017 Monetary policy review Introduction Monetary policy is a crucial economic policy tool for the economy. It controls credit flow and hence regulates growth. Inflation targeting is the main idea of the policy with the new Monetary Policy Framework agreement signed. The first monetary policy [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 9th December, 2016

Integrating Biodiversity with development Recently, the PM himself made his environmental concerns clear when he asked people to use idols mad of clay then plaster of Paris which is more harmful to environment when immersed in water. This should stimulate the environmental consciousness of [...]

[Download] UPSC Mains-GS4: Topicwise ALL Case Studies & Questions from 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 papers of Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude

Trend Analysis of GS4 Ethics Paper 2016 Themes in UPSC case studies [Block#1] Basic, Thinkers, EQ Ethics- Basic Theory Emotional intelligence & Allied Topics Thinkers and Reformers [Block#2] Surroundings Attitude Family, Society Social influence [Block#3] Job Sarkaari Job Values Work Culture @Office Compassion [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 23rd November, 2016

Emergence of the Asian Century   Rising Significance of Asia Today, the case for Asia’s emergence as an economic power is stronger than it ever was. Such a rise is validated by the following facts: Asia produces about 40% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP), in [...]

[ML16] Mains Revision & Answer Writing: GS1&4- Rightwing Vigilantism, Intergral Humanism, Leather Industry Location Factors, Bulk Drugs, API

Prologue ML16/GS1: Right wing Vigilantism in India vs Alt-Right in Trump’s USA: ML16/GS1 & 4: DeenDayal- Integral humanism, One India, Dharma Rajya ML16/GS1: Leather Industry Location Factors, Challenges, Cow Vigilantism ML16/GS2: Govt Policies: Natural Fiber Textile vs SDG, Bulk Drugs & API Prologue Continuation of [...]

[ML16] Mains Revision & Answer Writing: Urban Floods, SENDAI Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, Kigali Summit on HFC, India a Rejectionist Power

Prologue ML16/GSM1- Urban Flood: problem, remedies, Chennai Floods (2015) ML16/GSM3- SENDAI Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015-30) ML16/GSM3: Pollution- Kigali Amendment, Rejectionist Power? Prologue Continuation of lecture series for Mains-2016 revision and answer writing. Only selected topics will be covered with full length discuss on [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 17th November, 2016

India-China and the Changing World Order   Evolution of the world order The control of nations on the global geopolitics has shifted hands from Asian powers till the late 18thCentury to the Western nations such as United Kingdom and United States of America. The late 19th [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 8th November, 2016

Air Pollution Control – Challenges and Measures   The Crisis – Facts As per World Health Organisation (WHO), Delhi’s annual average PM 2.5 concentration was 153 micrograms per cubic metre (ug/m3) in 2015 according to the WHO, whereas 60 ug/m3 is the permissible limit. Pollution levels [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 7th November, 2016

Shortfalls in India’s Foreign Policy   India’s Contemporary Foreign Policy The present Prime Minister of India has been responsible for contributing with a lot of his zeal and personality to impact policies, impart more heft to the processes important for security and international relations. The government has [...]

Daily Current Affairs – 4th November, 2016

Agricultural reforms- Now is the time It’s been over a year since reports of NITI Ayog’s upcoming wide-ranging reform package for India’s farm sector have been making rounds. Intermittently, there are news hinting at the Centre’s plans of liberalising rules governing tenancy, contract farming, [...]