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Re-engaging with Europe, Political funding: Maintaining transparency Current Affairs 5th June, 2017

Re-engaging with Europe Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Germany, Spain, Russia and France brings into sharp focus the shared dilemma India and Europe face with America’s shifting policies, and the resultant flux on the world stage. Europe’s disappointment with Mr. Trump: German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s [...]

Lack of transparency in electoral funding, Rivers as a Living being, Current Affairs – 27th March, 2017

Lack of transparency in electoral funding Introduction Elections are the heart of a democracy. They are fundamental to have continued trust of people with the popular assent being reflected in a free and fair manner. Electoral funding is a crucial issue and has been debated since [...]

Nigvekar Committee prelim CSAT reforms

[Nigvekar] Prelim Reforms: Less Comprehension in CSAT, Take Online exam, two years’ validity, transparency (Part 2 of 4)

Prologue Shocker#1: CSAT paper-2 has too much comprehension & English Shocker#2: CSAT is Pro-Engineer & Anti Humanities Shocker#3: UPSC members are more “reformist” than Nigvekar! Combine Prelims +Mains to reduce time span Add more exam centers CSAT: there Need for Transparency Conduct Prelims [...]