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Some insights on medical tests /checkup for UPSC IAS/IPS civil service exam

Today Manikandan Soundararajan will throw some light on how medical tests are actually conducted for IAS/IPS exam and share his UPSC interview experience with us. By the way, medical-standards are given in this PDF file click me Medical Checkup Medical tests conducted Doctor’s final [...]

UPSC Declares Cutoffs & Official answerkey for 2014 Prelims, some debatable Qs finally settled, Min.passing marks in GS1 also

2014 Cutoffs for Prelims, Mains & final 2014 Official Answerkey to Debatable Questions Buddha Visit Avanti or not? SLR utility Walk through Himalaya GEF Budding and grafting Veg. Propogation Seed Replacement 2014 Cutoffs for Prelims, Mains & final On 4th July 2015, UPSC declared the [...]

“Since production is a process of converting input into a more valuable output, there always exists some form of relationship between the output and its inputs.” Explain.

Ans. Production can be referred as a set of processes or procedures developed to transform a set of input elements like men, materials, machines and money into a specified set of outputs to achieve the organizational objectives. In order to minimize the cost of production, [...]

Describe some of the important applications of nanodiamond.

Ans. Nanodiamonds have many important applications in areas ·such as tribology, electron-emitting cold cathodes, microelectromechanical system (MEMS) and nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS), surface acoustic wave devices (SAW), electrochemical electrodes, and confonnal coatings. Due to the rich surface chemistry, the absence of toxic impurities and smaller [...]