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Proteus Tutorial – Using Single and Multiple Digit Segment Displays

  Segment Displays Inside Segment Displays Segment Displays contain LEDs arranged in a specific fashion such that, various characters or shapes can be displayed, by turning ON selective segments in different combinations. Shape of the LED is rectangular (to appear as a segment).Generally, these are used to [...]

[Economy] The FDI in Retail business pro-cons Single brand vs Multibrand Retail

In the fond memories of Dev Anand, What’s the difference between Single brand vs Multibrand retail? Single Brand retail · Nike Company opens outlets in A’bad, Banglore, Delhi and Mumbai selling nothing but Nike Shoes, Nike wrist-watches and Nike t-shirts only. · This is single brand retail. · FDI [...]

Draw the circuit model of a single-electron transistor. Also drive tile equation for stored energy. Or Draw and discuss schematic structure of a ‘metallic single-electron transistor.

Ans. The circuit model of a SET is shown in fig. 3.13.The effect of gate electrode can easily be understood from an energy band diagram shown in fig. 3.14. The gate voltage V g > 0, depresses the Fermi level on the island. Depending [...]