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[Economy] Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Meaning, provision in Companies Bill 2012

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Examples of CSR? Why CSR? Methods of CSR? Companies Bill 2012 Who is covered? Provision? Punishment? CSR: Pro-Arguments CSR: Anti-Arguments What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Corporate social responsibility. Activities done by a company to give social-economic-environmental benefits to the [...]

[Essays] February Week2: Equidistant diplomacy, Strategic Autonomy without Military Alliance, Censorship & Moral responsibility

Diplomacy & globalization Democracy & Development Society, Culture, Religion GS4 Diplomacy & globalization Strategic autonomy and no military alliances: the two tenants of India’s foreign policy. India’s growth and development agenda requires Equidistance diplomacy with all major powers of the world. “Terrorism is today [...]

Analyze the ways in which a business organization can discharge its social responsibility.

Ans. The business organizations have an obligation to be concerned about outside groups affected by their activities. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the idea that firms have obligations to society beyond their economic obligations to owners or stockholders and also beyond those prescribed by [...]