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[Economy] Vodafone Essar Case: Capital Gains Tax Meaning, Reasons, Timeline, Implications, explained

Before venturing into Vodafone Essar Court Case, Let’s start with the basics Some information may be technically incorrect / outdated. This article is for illustration and understanding purpose only and not for writing the actual answers in your exam. Two type of taxes. What is [...]

[Economy] Excise Duty on Gold in Budget 2012: Reasons and Implications, Why Jewelers are protesting?

In the union budget 2012, government increased the tax on gold jewelry, and the Jewelers all over India have gone on strike. They’re agitating and protesting and demanding for the withdrawal of these taxes. Budget provision TDS@Source Rupee weakens due to Gold obsession Why Indians [...]

[Diplomacy] Arab Spring : Reasons and Future by Om Kasera

Introduction The Democratic Uprising Monarchies Israel Final conclusions Introduction The massive popular movement in Middle East region, known as “Arab Spring”, is as significant as the fall of Berlin Wall. The common denominator is that The entire region seeks. Transformation of ruling political structures and processes. [...]

[Polity] Assam Riots and Bodo Accord : History, Reasons, Problems, Solutions

What is Bodoland Territorial Council ? Timeline of Events How did the Kokrajhar riots start? Why situation out of control? Why resentment in the communities? What’s the problem in Bodo Accord? What is the solution? What is Bodoland Territorial Council ? 2003: Bodo militants [...]

[Economy] Electricity generation in India: Grid failure, privatization, problems, reasons, solutions and more

Electricity Scenario: India Problem with hydro power Coal Based Electricity Generation What was the reason behind grid failure? What is an electrical grid? Components of a grid When does a grid collapse? Penalty for Grid violation What is the network in India like? [...]

Map India Landslide Earthquake prone areas

[Environment] Landslides in Himalayas: Reasons, Solutions

Classification of Himalayas Hazards in the Himalayan Eco-System Regions and disasters Landslides: Reasons Landslides: Damage Suggestions to fix problem E1: Avalanche Mitigation Classification of Himalayas Three main geological divisions of India. Himalayas, also known as the Extra-Peninsula Indo-Gangetic Plains Peninsula Further, Himalayas classified via two methods: Method [...]


[Economy] LIBOR Scam : Meaning, Reasons, Consequences, Timeline, explained

What is Libor? Ya but why do banks lend each other? How do banks borrow in London? Who calculates LIBOR? How does BBA calculate LIBOR? Why does BBA calculate LIBOR? What’re the Implications of LIBOR Why LIBOR scam? What is Barclays? Wrong Data= [...]

Japanese Encephalitis

[Public Health] Japanese Encephalitis Menace in India: Reasons, Prevention and control

What is Japanese Encephalitis (JE)? What are the symptoms? Geographical Spread Solution for Japanese Encephalitis (JE)? What is Acute encephalitis syndrome  (AES)? Why is Japanese Encephalitis in News? JEEV (2 marker) National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (5 marker) Mock Questions What is Japanese [...]

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[Economy] Fiscal Cliff: Meaning, Reasons, Implications on US and Indian Economy explained

What was Subprime crisis? What was US-Government’s response to Sub-prime crisis? What is Fiscal cliff? Why is Fiscal cliff bad for US Economy? What will be the Effect of Fiscal Cliff on India? Fiscal Cliff= new kid in the town. His parents are (1) [...]

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[Diplomacy] Maldives Coup: Reasons, Implications, Nasheed, Prologue to GMR Issue explained

Why is Maldives important for India? Brief History of Maldives Operation Cactus 1988 Entry of Mohd.Nasheed, 2004 Economic Problems Tourism and Islam Coup against Nasheed, 2012 Pro-Mohd.Nasheed version of Coup-story Anti-Nasheed version of Coup-Story India’s Stand on Maldives crisis India did bad India [...]

[Land Reforms] Post Independence: Abolition of Zamindari, Reasons, Impact, Obstacles, Limitations, First Amendment

Prologue What is Land reform? Land reforms: broad vs narrow sense What are the objectives of Land reforms? Increase production social justice Economic development Improve standard of living Post-Freedom: Towards land reforms Why Abolish Zamindari? First Amendment, 1951 #1: SEBC #2: Freedom of [...]

[Land Ceiling] Meaning, Reasons, Pro and Anti Arguments

Prologue What is Land Ceiling? Why Ceiling on Land holdings? Land Ceiling in India Land Ceilings: Benefits/Advantages/Positive Points With political Will Production increased Employment increased Naxal reduced Social Justice Growth of New political parties Land Ceiling: Pro and Anti arguments Mock Questions Prologue So far [...]