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Microwave Devices and Circuits [For IES,PSUs and University Exams]

The major prerequisites for right away studying microwave devices and circuits are : 1.Basic knowledge of Electromagnetic Theory 2.Network Theoy (S parameters) Microwave subject at UG level mainly deals with following topics: 1.Microwave Transmission Lines (basics) 2.Cavity Resonators Rectangular and circular waveguide resonators. 3.Klystrons Reentrant cavities,Velocity modulation,Bunching,Reflex klystron. 4.Travelling wave tubes  Slow wave structures,Helix [...]

[Economy] Different Types of Companies: Pvt.Ltd, Public Ltd., Public Corporation, Departmental Undertaking, PSUs

Paid up Capital Private company Public company Holding company and subsidiary company Departmental undertakings Government Company Public corporation PSU (Public Sector undertakings) Paid up Capital This word is going to keep reappearing in next few articles, so better understand it in advance. You already [...]