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Rajagopolachari Formula

[Freedom Struggle] Rajagopalachari Formula (1944) Desai-Liaquat Pact (1945),Wavell Plan (1945),Cabinet Mission(1946),Mountbatten Plan (1947) & Partition

HFS12/P1: Rajagopalachari Formula (1944) Desai-Liaquat Pact (1945) HFS12/P2: Wavell Plan (1945) Indian National Army (INA) HFS12/P3: Cabinet Mission (1946), Mountbatten Plan (1947) & Partition HFS12/P1: Rajagopalachari Formula (1944) Desai-Liaquat Pact (1945) To avoid any future constitutional disaster, C. Rajagopalachari came out with a ‘Sporting [...]

Poona Pact Communal award

[Freedom Struggle] 2nd RTC, Communal Award, Poona Pact, Government of India Act

HFS10/P5: 2nd Round table conference HFS10/P6: Communal Award, Poona Pact (1932) HFS10/P7: Government of India act 1935 HFS10/P5: 2nd Round table conference The British government adopted the strategy of talking to different political parties by convening the Round Table Conferences. The first Round Table [...]


Spark Plug: Chabahar Port Pact- A Review

Dear Aspirants, In continuation with our ‘Spark Plug’ series, today we are presenting an article on “Chabahar Port Pact”. Must read this article to know about the India’s involvement in Chabahar Port. This article will help in your preparation for descriptive test for upcoming exams like NABARD Grade A [...]

[India-China] Economic Dialogue BDCA & IT Pact

D1-Sino-India: BDCA Pact D2-Sino-China: Economic Dialogue and IT Pact D1: Sino-India BDCA Pact This was signed in October 2013, but topic is in news during April 2014 because Army officers of both sides met each other as per the provisions of this pact. Q.What are the [...]

Suharawardi Sarat Bose agreement formula bengal pact

[Freedom Struggle] Suhrawardy-Sarat Bose agreement, Bengal Pact, Features, Consequences

Events leading to Bengal Pact Bengal Pact: Features Why Bengal Pact failed? Events leading to Bengal Pact Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy, then CM of Bengal supported the “Two nation” theory and Pakistan. But He feared India will get Bengal’s industrialized regions and Calcutta, while (East) [...]

Mindmap Tokyo Declaration

[Modi Diplomacy] Part 1/4: Japan Visit, Tokyo Declaration, US-2 Amphibian aircraft, JENESYS 2.0 Kyoto Varanasi Pact

Prologue Mindmap: Gist of Modi’s Japan visit Strategic: India-Japan Economy: India-Japan Energy-Environment: India-Japan Science-Space-Healthcare People 2 People: India-Japan Side topics #1: Indo-Jap Nuclear deal #2: Japan doesn’t like MAT. NOT ONE BIT #3: US-2 Amphibian aircraft Mock questions Prologue Total four part article-series Modi Japan [...]