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[Mock] Essay Paper for UPSC Mains-2016: Role of Educator, Taste for Literature, Cost of Liberty, Success in Dictionary

Instructions Section-A Section-B Essay-hints / Points to Consider #1: Literature and humane society #5: Modern Educator’s role Instructions Write two eassys, choosing one from each of the following sections A and B in about 1000-1200 words each (2 x 125 = 250 marks) Word [...]

[Strategy] Telugu Literature Optional for UPSC Civil service Exam

Telugu Literature: Introduction Tips for Paper1 Tips for Paper2 How to handle long Answers: How to handle yakhyanas: Telugu Syllabus for Mains 2014 Telugu Literature: Introduction Telugu Literature is a popular optional for all the aspirants who are well-versed in this language. That does [...]

[Strategy] Gujarati Literature for UPSC Mains Exam: Previous Papers, Topicwise Booklist

This set of 4 videos, should clear most of the confusion regarding how to prepare Gujarati Literature, topicwise booklist etc. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0A116218CF7AB117 Links to individual videos: Video #1: History and Evolution of Gujarati Language Video #2: Medieval Gujarati Literature (+Booklist) Video #3: All the [...]

[Question Papers] Malayalam Literature + Philosophy Paper 1 & 2 UPSC mains IAS IPS exam 2012

Malayalam Litt. 2012 Philosophy Paper 1 Philosophy Paper – 2 Malayalam Litt. 2012 I’m Extremely Grateful to Mr.Aravind Menon for sharing these with us. Malayalam Literature Paper 1 and Paper 2 of UPSC Civil Service Mains 2012 exam. Click me to download it Philosophy Mains 2012 Paper [...]

Rishav Kumar Jha

[Topper’s Interview] Rishav Kumar Jha (Rank-162/CSE-2015) Maithili Literature, Bihar, NIT Karnataka

Candidate Profile Education Introduction Electronic Vs Paper material Tempo and style Prelims (CSAT) General studies Prelims (CSAT) Aptitude Prelim accuracy Mains: Compulsory language paper Mains: Essay General Studies (Mains) paper 1 General studies (Mains) paper 2 General studies (Mains) Paper 3 General Studies [...]

topper-pratibha singh 407-2012

[Topper’s Interview] Pratibha Singh (AIR 407/ CSE 2012) Hindi Literature, Geography, Working Professional

Starting this season’s first interview-Pratibha Singh, she is an Assistant (CSS) in Commerce Ministry, cracked UPSC without leaving job. Bio Work Ex Advice to Working professionals Family background Coaching Inception Study Momentum Hours Strategy: CSAT (Aptitude) Strategy: GS Mains 2013 Geography (Optional) Hindi Literature [...]

[Download] English Literature Optional Subject Paper 1 & 2 of UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS Mains Exam 2013, strategy and tips

Question paper given in the appendix but first the tips and strategy for English Literature (Optional) for UPSC-Civil Services Exam by Mr.Kumar Ujjawal. This Article pertains to four sections that covers the entire syllabus: English literature: Strategy NOVELS & DRAMA POETRY HISTORY OF ENGLISH [...]

Nobel Physics award 2014 LED

[Nobel] 2014 Winners: Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Economics, Literature, Peace- Malala, Satyarthi

Nobel Prize Theory Nobel Physics 2014 BEE to promote LED: Nobel Medicine 2014 Noble Chemistry 2014 Confocal microscope Nobel Economics 2014 Nobel Peace Prize 2014 Kailash Satyarthi Malala Yousafzai Tokenism in Peace prize 2014? Noble Literature 2014 Nobel 2014: Quick revision Table Nobel [...]

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[PIN-Jan-2015] Part-3/4: Books, Authors, Jaipur Literature Festival & Places in News for StatePSC

Zee Jaipur Litt. Festival Books: More Important Books: Less important Movies in News Places in News Gujarat Kerala Uttar Pradesh Andhra Pradesh Other States Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 8th edition of this festival, held at Jaipur’s Diggi Palace. Three Awards at Jaipur festival: DSC Prize for South [...]

Gujarati literature previous papers

[Download] Gujarati Literature Optional Subject Mindmaps/Notes for UPSC Mains Examination

Prologue Structure of the Notes Folder 0_Syllabus_TopicwiseQP_2008 P1_1_Bhasha_Boli_Udbhav_Grammar P1_2_Sahitya_Prakaro P1_3_Yug_Writers P2_1_Kruti Video: How to kickstart Guj.Litt Preparation Download Link for Notes Prologue Here are my own notes / mindmaps on Gujarati literature optional subject, that I had made years ago but lost in backup [...]