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[SSC-CGL] Age relaxation increased by 3 years for all categories- Gen. can give upto 30 yrs; No interviews for any post

+3 Age relaxation in SSC What about the remaining posts? Tentative dates for SSC CGL-2017 exam Revised Exam Structure of SSC CGL 2017 +3 Age relaxation in SSC Earlier, in SSC-CGL exam, the age limit for general category was 27 years. Now for selected [...]

Give the assumptions of the production function.

Ans. The two main assumptions of the production function are as follows (i) Technology is invariant. If technology changes, it would result in alteration of the input-output relationship, resulting in a production function. (ii) It is assumed that firms utilise their inputs a maximum levels of efficiency. [...]

Give the stages in rational decision-making. Explain them in brief. Or Write short note on ‘stages in rational decision-making’.

Ans. A rational decision is backed by a scientific process involving analysis of the problem, collection of relevant data, review of key factors, evaluation of alternatives and choice of best alternative. Rational decision-making involves the following stages - (i) Problem Defined- The problem for analysis [...]

Give the differences between classical theory and neo-classical theory.

Ans. Differences between Classical Theory and Neo-classical Theory    inadequate organization may not only discourage but actually preclude effective administration. (ii) Optimum Use of Resources - Sound organization helps in Obtaining the optimum use of technical and human resources. It can also make optimum use of human efforts [...]

Give the advantages of a good organization.

Ans. A good organization offers the following advantages - (i) lt allows expansion and contraction without seriously disrupting the existing structure. (ii) It ensures good co-operation and higher morale. (iii) lt ensures optimum utilization of resources at minimum possible cost. (iv) lt establishes responsibility for accomplishment of certain [...]

What are excitons ? Also give their type.

Ans. The excitons are defined as the bound states of photo-excited and Coulomb-correlated electron-hole pairs, produced momentarily by light Incident Photon illumination of energy greater than the band gap of the material concerned. The electron-hole pairs, thus produced, will orbit around each other, having equal [...]

Give introduction to the era of new nanostructures of carbon.

Ans. The 20th century certainly produced many materials than those existed earlier. Some of these materials have profound effect on the society at large. One of them is the silicon revolution in 1940s, which had revolutionized the socio-economic scenario of the modern society and [...]

Explain spintronics devices and give their applications. Or Explain, what is spintronic

Ans. A very important device based on the GMR effect is called the spin valve is shown in fig. 4.1 0. Here, one of the ferromagnetic layers has a .fixed (pinned) magnetization direction, due to the presence of the antiferromagnetic layer, and the other ferromagnetic layer magnetization [...]

What are semiconductor heterostructures ? How quantum wells are formed ? Give approximations of heterostructures using Schrodinger wave equation.

Aus. The revolutionary modification and engineering of materials can be accomplished by using heterostructures with nanoscale features. Heterostructures are structures with two or more abrupt interfaces at the boundaries between the different semiconductor materials. With modem material-growth techniques, it is possible to grow structures [...]

Give area of application of nanotechnology. Or Give brief note on applications of nanotechnology.

Ans. Nanotechnology having several areas of application, some of them are given below - (i) Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery - Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology. The approaches to nanomedicine range from the medical use of nanomaterials to nanoelectronic biosensors -and even possible future applications of molecular nanotechnology. [...]