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What do you understand by micro and macro economics? How will you differentiate micro and macro economics?

Ans. Micro-economics - The term 'micro' means small. Therefore, micro-economics deals with the economic actions of individuals and groups of individuals and firms. This can be stated in another way that microeconomics presents the economic microscopic view of the company. In the words of K.E. [...]

State and explain the solvent characteristics of How will you differentiate administration, management and organization State. (R. G.P. V., June 2005, Dec.2008) Or State the characteristics of management. How will you administration, management and organisation ?

Ans. The essential characteristics of management are as follows - (i) Management is Universal- Management is found in every walk of life, where the economical and intelligent application of scarce resources are involved. The principles and techniques of management are universally applicable to all group [...]