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Mohan with Prachanda

[Diplomacy] Nepal Logjam (Part 3 of 3): Chinese presence, Anti-India sentiments, how & why India’s policy failed

Introduction Chinese Influence in Nepal USA Murderers are free Human rights are selective Corruption Reservation in Army Jobs Ethnic Unrest Anger against UN and International Community Land transfer The Priest Appointment Why Anti-India sentiment in Nepal? Regressive forces Change of India’s Stand Criticism [...]

IUCN Wild Chinese Sturgeon

[Conservation] Shifting Gir Lions to Madhya Pradesh, Robber crab habitat, Wild Chinese sturgeons

Moving Gir Lions to Madhya Pradesh Bor Tiger Reserve Langurs are multiple species Indo Pacific Hump-Backed Dolphins Wild Chinese Sturgeons Hyacinth: hazard to fishes Robber crab-Habitat destruction Mangroves species change in Sundarbans Moving Gir Lions to Madhya Pradesh Species IUCN Status: Endangered. Why in news? Last [...]

xi jinping india visit outcome

[Modi Diplomacy] Part 2/3: Chinese President Eleventh (haha) Xi Jinping’s India Visit

Mindmap: Xi’s India Visit Strategic Agreements Economy pacts Transport related Energy, Environment Tourism, People2People Overall Side-Topics India without Tibetan Leverage Xi’s Sri Lanka visit India vs China: defense comparison Mindmap: President Xi’s Visit to India (2014) Mindmap: Xi Jinping India visit Outcome Strategic Agreements Inch towards miles [...]

product -wise foreign trade policy 2015

[Economy Lecture] (Contid.) Foreign Trade Policy 2015, MEIS-SEIS, GIFT City, Chinese Forex Reserve & Undervalued Yuan

Prologue L6/P4: Foreign trade policy 2015: product-wise strategy L6/P5: Foreign trade policy 2015: schemes & reforms L6/P6: BoP-Capital Account: QE/FT, Fed Rate cut, Rate Hike L6/P7: Forex Reserve of China and Undervalued Yuan L6/P8: GIFT City and international financial Service centre (IFSC) Prologue On [...]