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UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (11) 2015-16: Aravind Saxena Board

Name- Pavankumar.G.Giriyappanavar. Date-28/04/2016 Morning session Duration-30-35 minutes Board- Mr.Aravind Saxena Board I was Second candidate to be interviewed. P.S– I have tried to reproduce answers as I have answered in interview. But it can’t be the same. I have tried to mention the core ideas, concepts based on which I [...]

UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (7) 2015-16: Manbir Singh Board

Name: Krishna Koundinya Manbir Singh Board Afternoon session,  5th slot , around 4:00 pm B.Tech , MBA, Deloitte, Vizag steel plant, Infosys, Startup- First Attempt Hobbies: Indian Philosophy Anime Manga State: Telangana Tried my best for an exact reproduction of conversation but there gaps. Conversations were somewhat different in letter [...]


Name- Vamshi Krishna Board- HC Gupta on March 17 Profile- Dentist Now- Working in CSIR at present. In administration. Chairman:  You have studied in Kakatiya junior college where is it? A: Sir it is in Hyderabad. Chairman: What kind of A/c system does CSIR use cash or accrual? A: Sir it is [...]