The job of a manager is to manage workers and work, comment.

The job of a manager is to manage workers and work, comment.

Ans. According to American Management Association, management can be

defined as, ”the process of getting work done through people”. Thus, the job of a

manager is to get the work done by managing the people, i.e. workers in the most

efficient way. Thus, a manager must have knowledge about work and workers.

Knowledge about the work involves the –

(i) Knowledge about the tasks that individuals are asked to perform.

(ii) Knowledge about the relationships between the tasks that members of a group perform.

Similarly, knowledge about the workers involves the

(i) Knowledge about the behaviour of individuals.

(ii) Knowledge about the behaviour of individual persons as influenced by their membership of groups of all kinds and the degree of impact of that membership on individuals.

In an organization, a manager’s job is to achieve organizational goals by efficiently managing the resources. Management of work involves the design of production system and acquisition, allocation and conversion of physical resources (input) to perform the work .. Work must be distributed in right

quantity and proportion between various workers or work groups. As work is need to be done by workers the another important task of a manager is to manage workers. Management of workers concerned with the procurement, development, maintenance and integration of human resources in the organization. As a greater part of every manager’s time is spent in communicating and dealing with people. Thus, a manager’s job primarily consists of managing people (workers). Manager has to make worker more

effective than they would have been without him.

According to Peter Drucker, the managerial approach to handle workers and work should be pragmatic and dynamic. Every job should be designed as an integrated set of operations. The workers should be given a sufficient measure of freedom to organize and control their work environment. It is the

duty of every manager to educate, train and develop people below him so that they may use their potentialities and abilities in a better way to perform the work allotted to them. A manager must create a working environment which brings in and maintains satisfaction and discipline among the workers. Thus, we can say, a manager’s job is to manage workers and work.

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