[Interview] Central Police Forces Exam Topper Swachhand Chavan (AIR 99/CPF 2011)

Chavan (AIR 99/CAPF 2011)

[Interview] Central Police Forces Exam Topper Swachhand Chavan (AIR 99/CPF 2011)

  1. Details
  2. Essential books for CPF Exam
  3. Decision Making question
  4. Mood swing
  5. Essay strategy
  6. Comment of Civil Service (Mains) Exam
  7. Interview
  8. Medical Checkup
  9. NCC certificate
  10. Service Preference
  11. Training of the officers
  12. Career Backup
  13. Message to Aspirants
  14. Bogus Marketing propoganda


Name Swachhand Chavan
Age 27
Exam Central Police Forces (Asst.Commandant)-2011
  1. Electronics Engineering from Ramdeobaba Engineering College
  2. MBA in Power Management
Schooling (Medium) ENGLISH
Are you a working professional? (yes/no) NO
Details of other competitive exams you appeared in Civil Service Interview 2011Civil Service Mains 2012
Details of coaching for any competitive exam (if any) Jnana Prabodini , Pune
Hobbies Playing Cricket, Watching Comedy Shows And Mimicry.

Q. Tell us something about yourself. When and why did you enter in the competitive exam field?




Chavan (AIR 99/CAPF 2011)
  • I was fascinated by uniform services since childhood. Inspired by my father Mr U.S.Chavan retd bureaucrat, my uncles Mr Mohan Rathod (IPS) And Mr G.T.Chavan (IFoS). Watching them as a child, I learnt that  competitive exams get the best out of an individual. The zeal to excel at national level, to be better amongst the best motivates me and fuels my efforts.
  • I took the decision of going for civil services when i was 10 years old. I’ve been a good student in academics with 84% marks in 10th and 12th. 66 % in graduation and 82 % in MBA.
  • But I’m also a person more interested in out of the classroom ventures. I’ve always liked empirical mode of study than mere theoratical Aspects of it. I
  •  felt that Competitive exams can give stronger and sustained wings to my ambitions. I chose my career option accordingly.

Essential books for CPF Exam

Q. Provide the List of Essential books/ tips for success in the CPF written exam?

  1. Basic science textbooks of school class 8th – 10th . Ncert history, geography, newspaper
  2. Indian express and any monthly current affair magzine.
  3. Practice for basic logical reasoning and math.
  4. Polity laxmikant.
  5. for paper 2 essay . No books used just common understanding of the issue based on study for paper 1.

Decision Making question

Q. How to approach the Decision Making/Situation reaction test type MCQs in CPF exam?

  • Decision making question expect candidates to take a comprehensive view of situation.
  • Answer must be rational, practical and effective. It may not be all of them at the same time but the best option in the given situation must be given the priority.

Mood swing

Q. How did you maintain the study-mood, motivation and tempo throughout this journey? On an average, how many hours do you study per day?

  • I devoted 4-12 hrs of study. It increases as exam approaches.
  • I take time off to watch national geographic , history, discovery along with comedy shows to laugh off the stress.
  • I used to chat with friends who arent preparing for civil services which took me Out of the zone temporarily. Special thanks to Sumedh, Ruchita, Sanjog.

Essay strategy

Q. How did you prepare for the essay? What Essay did you write in the CPF-2011 exam and what keypoints did you include in it?

I didn’t prepare for essay separately. I attempt essay based on paper 1 study. I wrote topic no 1 regarding internet vs culture . I assesed the pros and cons of technology with respect to its progressive and regressive effect on society. Changing society as an outcome of technology and vice versa.

Q. You have also appeared in Civil Service (Mains) exam, so what essay did you write in CSM-2012, what keypoints did you include in it?

  • I wrote topic no 2 on PPP model. I explained the ppp concept and need for it.
  • I evaluated the merits and demerits of the model from indian context in current socio-economic and international perspective followed by a summery cum conclusion.

Comment of Civil Service (Mains) Exam

Q. Since you’ve appeared in CSM-2012, What’s your take/opinion/review on the GS and optional subject paper?

  • GS paper was by far the most lenghty. It equired us to think fast and write faster.
  • Newspaper readers benefitted.
  • Coaching class notes muggers had a nightmare although many might put up a brave face to swallow the embarassment.
  • Optionals couldn’t have been more application based. UPSC is converging towards a Mains pattern change.


Q. Where was the CPF interview conducted? Please Provide the list of questions asked? And any tips for future aspirants.

  • CPF interview is held in upsc at dholpur house, new delhi. I had it on 10th sep 2012.
  • Panel of hon. P.M.Mishra sir. Time- 18 minutes. I was 2nd candidate in morning session.
  • I was asked questions mostly on my biodata, why cpf , why was tiger in news? , naxalism, Cricket, T20 , internal security, NCC.
  • My advice would be to study every detail of biodata. Be honest. Everyone of us is scared on the fateful day but its all about not showing it and trying to be calm and listening to questions carefully.

Q. How was interview: normal, stress, mixed?

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