Nigvekar Committee report-highlights

[RTI] Finally got the “top-secret” Nigvekar Committee report on Civil Service Exam Reforms- Even more radical than expected!

Nigvekar report is more radical than I had expected Word of advice Index of the report Executive summary and recommendation Proposed Mains structure Count language marks in final list Double the Language marks for North East candidates Only graduation related optional subject Six [...]

Nigvekar Committee Reforms in civil service Interviews

[Nigvekar] Interview Reforms: Score Table on fixed parameter, Personal Narrative Essay, Softcorner for Rural, Consolation prize for interview failed (Part 4 of 4)

Prologue Interviews: Give soft corner to Rural candidates Every candidate should be interviewed by all boards Declare result on time Remove group B service Consolation prize for Interview failed Interview reform for Physically handicapped SSB like Group Task, Outdoor activities What Nigvekar recommends [...]

Nigvekar Committee reforms on Civil Service Mains exam

[Nigvekar] Mains Reforms: Why GS papers ridiculously long in Mains-2013 (5000 words)? Because Nigvekar told them + many more shockers (Part 3 of 4)

Prologue Shocker#1: Why was GS Mains 2013 too long? (5000 words) Shocker#2: Mains paper is checked by Single Examiner! Shocker#3: Nigvekar did not recommend world history & World geography etc. Shocker#4: Why IFoS merged with IAS/IPS exam? Mains Reforms Essay & Language papers [...]

Nigvekar Committee prelim CSAT reforms

[Nigvekar] Prelim Reforms: Less Comprehension in CSAT, Take Online exam, two years’ validity, transparency (Part 2 of 4)

Prologue Shocker#1: CSAT paper-2 has too much comprehension & English Shocker#2: CSAT is Pro-Engineer & Anti Humanities Shocker#3: UPSC members are more “reformist” than Nigvekar! Combine Prelims +Mains to reduce time span Add more exam centers CSAT: there Need for Transparency Conduct Prelims [...]

Nigvekar report- feedback from President CAG CIC

[Nigvekar] What Dr.Kalam, CAG, CIC & UPSC members told him + Age-attempt reduction arguments (Part 1 of 4)

Prologue [Input] From UPSC members: Rajni Razdan, Alka Sirohi, KK Paul [Input] UPSC members: IMG Khan & Lt.Gen Surinder Nath (retired) [Input] Dr.APJ Kalam [Input] Directors of LBSNAA, SVNPA, IIPM, NDA et al [Input] CIC Satyananda Mishra [Input] CAG Vinod Rai Why Reduce [...]

[UPSC] Delhi’s coachingwalla circulating fake syllabus, No changes in GS/Optional syllabus or exam Pattern, Notification comes next Saturday

Copy pasting UPSC’s official pressnote uploaded on their official website today (May-23-2014) There are no other changes in the format and syllabi of papers contained in the Civil Services Examination. except one- that  Government has decided to allow two additional attempts with consequential age relaxations [...]

chart UPSC CSAT Cutoffs 2011-2013

UPSC declares official cutoffs for 2013: Even Prelims had minimum passing marks in each paper! Cutoffs increased sharply for each category

Official cutoffs for CS Minimum passing marks: Prelims Prelim Cutoffs Comparison Last three years Minimum Passing Marks Mains UPSC has declared the official cutoff marks for Civil service exam 2013 (Prelims, mains and interview stage) Original source: You wont find above link on the FrontPage [...]

UPSC uploads Marksheet of CSAT Prelims and Mains examination of 2013, file RTI to get your mains answercopies

UPSC 2013 Prelims and Mains score available RTI for Photocopy of Mains Answersheet UPSC 2013 Prelims and Mains score available UPSC has uploaded the marksheets of prelims and mains exams for every candidate (irrespective of pass / fail) To check prelim score Mains marksheet (those who failed [...]

[IFoS] UPSC declares cutoffs for IFoS-2013 exam, it was way higher than CSAT-2014 for IAS/IPS aspirants

UPSC finally declared the cutoff marks for IFoS candidates from CSAT-2013 round. We can see that for IFoS cutoffs were quite higher than IAS. Category Forest Service Civil Service (IAS/IPS) cutoff General 267 241 OBC 249 222 SC 233 207 ST 225 201 PH-2 178 184 PH-3 160 163 Ref:

UPSC official answerkey doesn't agree with this BoP classification

UPSC uploads official answerkey for CSAT-2013, lets check Decision Making & Debatable MCQs

CSAT 2013 Official Answerkey Released Decision making Swamp deer Balance of Payment GDP Ecosystem productivity Temperature coastal vs interior Dynamic Changes on Earth surface Nirvana Sankhya School Ball bearing CSAT 2013 Official Answerkey Released After almost one year wait, UPSC has uploaded the answer [...]

UPSC Declares Cutoffs & Official answerkey for 2014 Prelims, some debatable Qs finally settled, Min.passing marks in GS1 also

2014 Cutoffs for Prelims, Mains & final 2014 Official Answerkey to Debatable Questions Buddha Visit Avanti or not? SLR utility Walk through Himalaya GEF Budding and grafting Veg. Propogation Seed Replacement 2014 Cutoffs for Prelims, Mains & final On 4th July 2015, UPSC declared the [...]

Marksheet & Cutoff] UPSC Civil services exam 2015 Prelims, Mains and Final stage- marks & cutoffs declared

Know your Marks for Prelim & Mains Cutoff-UPSC-2015 Cutoff-UPSC-2014 Cutoff-UPSC-2013 Know your Prelims & Mains Marks Click on the appropriate link to findout your score in UPSC civil services exam 2015 Marksheet: Prelims-2015 / CSAT Marksheet: Mains-2015 – Written not qualified Marksheet: Interview-2015 – Pass [...]